Arrow: First Thoughts with SPOILERS

I saw the premiere of Arrow tonight, forsaking Survivor which I can see later On Demand. I don't watch too many scripted shows these days, except for the WWE! *Zing* I wonder how much Smallville's version had to do with this. Or if The Hunger Games with its archery helped greenlight it or if they didn't just call the show Green Arrow to distance itself from the comics or not to subconsciously link it with Green Lantern, which wasn't the success everyone hoped for. Or that they really wanted to do a Batman TV show and can't!

I've spoken on how the DCnU books seem like "pilots" for other projects. I now wish that Green Arrow was as deep and thought-out as Arrow. This Oliver Queen is dangerous, brave, bold, tormented and, yes, badass! There is a shipwreck and young Oliver is marooned on a mysterious island where he learns and excels at using a bow and arrow. But so much more happened there and there will be flashbacks. Tellingly there is even a reference to LOST made.

As he finally leaves the island, we see a mask impaled on a sword. It is black and orange with one eyehole. Is it really Deathstroke's or is it a red herring? Or just an Easter egg for fans?

Before Oliver is rescued, he has spent FIVE years on this island, without a single luxury and it changed him. He is no longer the irresponsible rich kid; he has gained a social conscience. And he has learnt a terrible secret about the corruption of Starling City from his father who pays the ultimate price to ensure his son's survival. It drives Oliver down the path of justice, retribution and revenge.

It also has an intriguing supporting cast. There is Laurel Lance, a public defender, who dated Ollie five years ago. The wreck that "killed" him also killed her sister Sarah with whom Ollie was having an affair with. Their father is a police detective who has not forgiven Oliver and wants him to pay for her death. Laurel tries to reconnect but Oliver, consumed by his mission, pushes her away, at least for now.

There is also his troubled younger sister who as a drug problem and whose nickname, sadly, is Speedy.

And there's his hedonistic best friend, Tommy Merlyn who suspects that Oliver is far more than he once was and has a desire for Laurel.

Then there's his mother who secretly tries to have him kidnapped to learn what his father might have told him. Her motives are unclear but the men she hired killed an innocent man so it may not be with the best intentions.

His first target is Lex Luthor Adam Stone, a corrupt and powerful businessman. I'm not sure if he will be the major enemy for the first season.

The show itself was fast paced, action packed though very violent for the 8 PM hour. There are many questions that need to be answered. There are several comic book destinies that may or may not be fulfilled. I never got into Smallville and gave up on it because I felt that I wasn't its intended audience. But I will strive to watch Arrow because it has a lot of potential. And I was always seem to be defending Green Arrow anyway!

Hope some of you watch it too! I would love to hear your reviews and opinions.

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  • We recorded it, but haven't watched it yet.

  • Wow, it was the most-watched show on The CW in three years, attracting 4.02 million viewers according to reports this AM.

  • I watched it too. I must have been destined to see it, because I had forgotten it was on but ran across it while channel surfing. I liked it a lot.I agree with everything you said in your summary. It's a very rich set up; there should be lots of room for flashbacks (five years on the island!), there's his mother's secrets, plus there's Arrow's quest for vengeance. I did like Smallville (although my interest flagged towards the end). But this Green Arrow is not the same character, nor is he directly related to any of the versions in the comics, as far as I can see. It's pretty much a clean slate, other than the broad outline of the character.

  • Sounds good.  They've put a lot of thought into it at any rate.  Loved all your behind the scenes questions at the start.  Green is out for the next few seasons, eh?


    Does this Non-Colour-Specific Arrow have a superhero 'identity' as such?


    Surprised you didn't like Smallville, Philip.  I have a soft spot for it, for various reasons, even though it works on quite a dumb level for the most part and had more potential than it actually met.


    Maybe because I too spent long afternoons in my teenage years dunging out cowsheds while feeling glum and misunderstood... :-)


    Or maybe  because it had one of the Dukes of Hazard in it...

  • No one calling him "Arrow" yet, Figs. It has been "That Guy In the Green Hood".

    I watched the first few episodes of Smallville then caught some of the later ones that featured Green Arrow, Aquaman, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Justice Society but it was too Dawson's Creek for my taste. Here was this tall, good-looking guy with super-powers, parents who loved and understood him, two (later three) gorgeous girls that were interested in him and I was supposed to feel sorry for him! I just never got into it like the later Heroes.

    But I was amazed by their take on "Ma & Pa Kent"! Let's make them hot!

    At the, I posted about Arrow and read that several viewers compared it to Revenge but I don't watch that one either! But one of the beautiful pharmacists at work (but not the one I've mentioned before *sigh*) does so I'll ask her!

  • The first season of Heroes was outstanding.  It was a great way to reformulate superheroes for a modern audience.  But then they must have let Jeph Loeb work his 'magic'.  That was a shame.


    Never heard of Revenge.  Is it sweet? 


    There are naked Amazonian tribesmen who watch more TV than me...

  • ...I watch less than you , Figs !!!!!!!!!!!

      Combativeness . Ha ha ha .

  • OK, then, there are people who lived in the Middle Ages who watched more TV than I do...

  • ...MINE MINE MINE !!!!!!!!!

  • I was very pleasantly surprised by this one.  I think Philip hits on a very important point -- this show has some serious untold backstory.  This doesn't just pique viewers' curiosity, it demonstrates (OK, I hope it demonstrates) that the show's creators have spent some time thinking this thing through.

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