Nothing's been confirmed, but Bleeding Cool is publishing a ton of rumors about the upcoming DC "... event. Apparently everything's getting a "Rebirth" issue in June, followed by a new #1 in July (or late June in the case of bi-weeklys). It sounds to me like it'll be more of an All-New, All-Different style reinvigoration than a wholesale reboot. 

There's be some cancellations, of course -- rumored ones are Starfire, Black Canary, Superman/Batman, Superman/Wonder Woman, Midnighter, Doctor Fate and Grayson -- but most of the characters won't be left homeless, with the possibility of new Titans, Birds of Prey, Authority, and a Trinity biweekly.

Plus, the rumor mill says, Tom King will take over the biweekly Batman book, with Peter Tomasi taking over a biweekly Superman title. 

And there might be a new Justice Society title, too -- the original WWII version, forgotten by this Earth and now emerging into the present, as young as they were in the 40s. 

There'll be more stories coming, I'm sure. We'll see how well-connected Rich's source is. But the prospect of a new JSA book -- even in the present, rather than WWII -- makes me pretty damn (provisionally) happy. 


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As I wrote in some column or other, Marvel's 2015 relaunch outsold DC's 2015 relaunch, and I suspect it's because Marvel started everything over at #1. Looks like DC thinks the same thing.

"Everything's getting a "Rebirth" issue in June, followed by a new #1 in July"

Again? Already!?

Sure. That's how the game is played these days.

Meh. It sounds like many of the titles being canceled are the only ones DC's putting out that I'm reading.

Yeah, I'm reading three of the ones on the chopping block too -- though I'd planned to drop Black Canary regardless. I didn't expect a quirky book like Doctor Fate to last forever -- I'm just enjoying it while it's on the stands. Starfire I had higher hopes for, though... but we'll see when the confirmations roll in whether it's gone or not.

And as for the #1s, I've been looking for a clear signal that I can start reading Flash again. He's my fave, and the book totally pushed me away. I've high hopes for Rebirth in that regard.

Ha ha! Yep! The rumor is that Didio is getting a lot of heat from upstairs because DC has lost so much market share to Marvel. So they're revamping (again) with more of a movie/TV spin.

I don't know how much help I'll be this time, though, as I'm no longer on DC's comp list (if there still is one).

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"Everything's getting a "Rebirth" issue in June, followed by a new #1 in July"

Again? Already!?

I'm waiting for the day when every issue of every comic is #1 every month and has rebirth next to the title.

Coming in March...It's Superman Rebirth #1!

Then get ready because in April here comes...Superman Rebirth #1 Two!

Sometimes it feels like that already with books like Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel!

We're getting close. A Rebirth issue followed by a #1 is basically like two #1s in a row. Or so DC hopes, I'm sure.

The virus is mutating. Soon everything will be number ones, and then we'll start assigning high value to early letters in the alphabet! 

Does anybody at DC consider that the problem isn't the new #1s, but the rebooting of characters?

From what I gather, one of the few hits this last go-round was Superman: Lois and Clark, which brought back a Superman we were invested in for many years -- one I'm simply more interested in reading about than the latest version.


I think they are considering that... which is why things like the old Justice Society might be coming back. And why the older Superman has, and why the old Titans seem poised to. But it's a tricky thing to undo a reboot -- because undoing it just becomes another reboot, and doesn't gain much. As this Legion fan knows from sad experience.

The number 1s and the Rebirth issues are just a signal that they're doing something. Marketers gonna market. 

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