• In my DVR, hoping to watch it this weekend.  

    Did anyone watch it?

  • I saw it. It was a little crowded and I'm not quite sure of the group dynamics but there is potential and they do have all the "time" to develop it.

    • RIP HUNTER: the manipulator/narrator with Doctor Who Envy. Now British! He has the be the glue of the group.
    • THE ATOM: Still playing the Boy Scout. Iffy motivation.
    • HAWKMAN & HAWKGIRL: they have the deepest storyline but I'm not crazy about the actors. And the helmets don't look good.
    • WHITE CANARY: Not up on ARROW but she seems a bit incomplete. She's an instigator and her sister seemed happy to get rid of her!
    • FIRESTORM: The kid needs time but Martin Stein could be the breakout character!
    • HEAT WAVE: Violent, unruly. But like fire, he needs to be tended to stay strong.
    • CAPTAIN COLD: Master of the one-liners. Seems to be enjoying himself!
    • VANDAL SAVAGE: Has to be more than "EVIL". Could be more dynamic.
  • That's a good assessment. Rip Hunter's time ship looks pretty cool: like a cross between the Millenium Falcon and the flying sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. "Crowded" is a good word to describe it. I don't know if a list of largely unknown (to a mainstream audience) second stringers can carry a show, but we shall see.

  • Hmmm. Strangely enough, I found Ray's motivation to be one of the strongest on the show -- everything about the guy suggests he wants to make his mark. In certain respects, he's got the inferiority complex of Al Pratt. (And I *love* that Stein just feeds it with his condescension.) I would've liked to see Martin express some concerns about leaving his wife behind, on the other hand. And I really wish they'd been able to give Boardman a few episodes before killing him off, so we and the Hawks could get to know him better. Do they have to get back to 1975 to dump his body?

    I'm hoping the team gets to WWII to meet Sgt Rock, and the 1800s to meet Jonah Hex. Which seems de riguer for DC time travel. Maybe Enemy Ace in WWI, or a look at the Legion in the future? Although that last would burst the budget. 

  • I've read they definitely plan to meet Jonah Hex, says Variety and Entertainment Weekly (both apparently cribbing from the same press release). Hex might even be a recurring character. I'd love to see Sgt. Rock and the Combat-Happy Joes of Easy Company. And since they can go to the future, why not see Tommy Tomorrow or Space Cabby or Star Hawkins? (I'm sure the Legion of Super-Heroes would be out of the question.)

    The recapper at Vulture isn't impressed so far, but I'm liking the very fact that this team is still finding its footing and everything hasn't jelled yet.  

  • I'm having a blast watching the show... but I'm not yet convinced it's any good. Plenty of great ingredients here, but that doesn't stop it from being half-baked. 

    Still, with a certain character out of the picture as of ep 2 (yay!), there's a little more spotlight to go around, a one less annoying dude to hog it. 

  • Continuing the theme of the last twenty-five years or so, the diminishment of one to enforce the advancement of the other!

  • Well, at least they picked the right one. 

    Honestly, the way the recent Hawk set-up works (He remembers their lives, she doesn't at the start), it treads the line between romantic and creepy. I'm not saying it can't be done well.. but it needs a whole lot of focus, and a whole lot of time, to be emotionally satisfying and not seem stalkery instead of romantic. I think Johns did a pretty good job with the story element when he introduced it in JSA, but the TV folks haven't cracked that nut.

  • The problem with Hawkgirl now is that from the two Legends episodes and the Flash/Arrow crossover, every useful thing she's done had to be coached to her by Hawkman.

    And if they killed the 2015 Hawkman in 1975, where's the 1975 Hawkman?

    And they always said that Vandal Savage killed both of them 207 times. How often did he just kill one of them?

  • Philip Portelli said:

    The problem with Hawkgirl now is that from the two Legends episodes and the Flash/Arrow crossover, every useful thing she's done had to be coached to her by Hawkman.

    To me, that's the problem that they just solved. Now she can learn to fly on her own.
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