Did Go Comics GO?

I usually read most comic strips online daily through Go Comics dot com.

However since Friday afternoon (November 18) only the following message appears against an otherwise totally blank screen.

"The requested service is temporarily unavailable. It is either overloaded or under maintenance. Please try again later."

Anyone else having similar problem(s) or know what's going on?

Thanks in advance if you reply.

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  • Good timing on your question. I also read newspaper comics online and have been getting the same message,

    I did a Google search and found this:

    GoComics Down “Due to…Cybersecurity Issues” The Daily Cartoonist

    Apparently they are dealing with a security issue and will be back as soon as it is resolved.

  • Well apparently it's not just the Go Comics site itself but places that Andrew McMeel supplies content for as well because I've tried alternate sources since I first posted this and haven't had much better luck in regards to some specific strips either.

  • The link seems to indicate that Andrews McMeel was the site that was compromised and it affected sites related to it.

  • Go Comics and the separate Dilbert.com are finally back.

  • Go Comics is having another problem week.

    For whatever reason(s), a lot of strips that should be brand new are stuck doing reruns from December 5-10, 2016 because they fell on the same weekdays as this week in 2022 does.

    Whatever is going on also affects other websites carrying the same strips, so better luck next week seeing what should have been presented this week.

  • I see what you mean. Some of today's strips have today's date and others have 2016 dates. 

    I don't think they (Andrews McMeel) explained what happened when they went offline. Were they hacked? Was it ransomware? Maybe whatever they had to do to solve that problem created this problem?

  • Apparently, the "glitch" also prevented the new comics from getting to the print newspapers, See article.

    November Glitch Causes December Reruns at AMS The Daily Cartoonist

  • So far everything I've heard backs up your December 6 post Richard. Andrews McMeel Syndicate has never explained (or apologized for the temporary suspension of services caused by) the original tech glitch's origin although this week's "problem" is a consequence of the November situation.

    It isn't affecting Sunday strips (yet) since those are on a different deadline schedule but it makes me wonder if any seasonal installments are now going to be later than planned (like celebrating Christmas the first week of January) and what will AMS do the next time this might happen? There's bound to be some unhappy newspapers and readers as it is.

  • ..... what will AMS do the next time this might happen?

    If they have any integrity, they have skilled professionals working hard at fixing this and making sure it doesn't reoccur.

    I referenced our discussion and the Daily Cartoonist comments on the All-purpose newspaper strips discussion - Captain Comics (ning.com) thread.

  • Candorville took note of the Go Comics problems today:


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