Some of us have probably seen the Doomsday Clock Ashcan that’s been circulating around the internet for the past few days. I've really been looking forward to this, as the integration of the Watchmen Universe into the DCU is the thing that most interested me about Rebirth.  The actual Doomsday Clock maxi-series is still a couple months out but I thought I would go ahead and set up a spoiler thread for it and post a few comments on the preview. If you haven’t read the ashcan you can access it here.  I’ll leave a little bit of spoiler space before commenting.




Doomsday Clock Ashcan Edition

The issue starts off with a scene that’s very reminiscent of the original Watchmen maxi-series. It’s not a 9 panel grid, but it’s similar in style and tone. Gary Frank gives us dystopic scenes of chaos in the streets as Geoff Johns provides narration in a style that’s designed to mimic Rorschach’s narration in Watchmen. But, the year is 1992 and if this is the world of Watchmen, Rorschach would be dead. Right? 

Johns tries to add some political overtones to the narration. Painting both left and right wing perspectives in an extreme way.  I found this a little clumsy but it gets the message across.  The political climate seems to have deteriorated since we last visited the world of Watchmen.  Johns seems to want to reference the current divisiveness in real world politics.  In the original Watchmen, the Comedian tells us the American Dream came true. In this story we learn that this is the “American Nightmare.”  The world is in chaos and on the brink of war.  Why?  What triggered all of this?

Well, apparently Ozymandias’ plot to unite the world hasn’t actually worked out after all. Indications are that Rorschach’s journal has been found and published and this has thrown the world into complete chaos.  Adrian Veidt is a now a wanted man and we see a military attack on his arctic stronghold. He’s nowhere to be found but we do see an x-ray that appears to show that he has a brain tumor?

In the final pages we learn that war with Russia is imminent and we cut to a very familiar looking prison setting. Amid the panic a riot seems likely as one of the prisoners is attempting to force his way out of his cell. Suddenly his escape attempt is interrupted by a mysterious stranger.  On the next page we see Rorschach? Alive?  Could it be that he wasn’t disintegrated at the end of Watchmen but was instead transported to the future? And what does any of this have to do with the DCU? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

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Superman constantly being updated through the different Ages and Eras, being so influential, then erased then re-establishing his importance then having the cycle repeat itself is a world-shattering idea, though it excludes Batman and Wonder Woman who should be in same situation.

Removing the Silver Age Superman/Superboy from the timeline would affect the Legion greatly though there are other young heroes to inspire them. 

I had never thought about this, but you're exactly right. I guess it has always kind of gone unspoken that the same goes with them.

Although Wonder Woman to a little bit lesser extent, since she is always being fiddled with as an immortal. I remember being impressed with when John Byrne had Hippolyta go back in time to World War II, which made her the "first" Wonder Woman.

But other than that, the three of them are usually kept together, aren't they?

Philip Portelli said:

...though it excludes Batman and Wonder Woman who should be in same situation.

I was annoyed by Byrne sending Hippolyta back in time to be the first Wonder Woman -- not because I didn't want Lyta to be the first WW (it's a great idea), but because, as an immortal, she already existed then. The Hippolyta of 1941 could have been the first WW, setting the template, instead of the unnecessary complication of the 1980s Hippolyta going back in time and two of them existing simultaneously. (Which, as far as I remember, was never addressed.) In fact, Hippolyta could have been Wonder Woman right up to whatever point the latest reboot has established as the starting point for Diana.

And while the point about Batman is valid, I do think making the "metaverse" center around Superman is gratifying given actual real-world events. I'm writing my Superman chapter right now, and it was Superman who created the comic book industry. Without him, Batman doesn't exist, as the comic book fad would probably have run out of steam before Detective #27.

That's true, but was she on Paradise Island that whole time, and thus inconsequential to the world at large? I have no idea, I'm just trying to come up with a reason it was a big deal that Diana came to the world as the "ambassador of truth" or whatever.

Captain Comics said:

I was annoyed by Byrne sending Hippolyta back in time to be the first Wonder Woman -- not because I didn't want Lyta to be the first WW (it's a great idea), but because, as an immortal, she already existed then.

Doomsday Clock #11

OK, so... Saturn Girl is erased from the timeline after having no relevance to the story other than allowing Veidt to pontificate.  And what exactly is Johnny Thunder doing here if JSA is being introduced in the JLA book?

Could the delays have caused some rewrites?

This seems to have gone off the rails a bit.

DoomsdayClock #11 is out? Thought it was next Wednesday.

It's out on Comixology. Not sure about brick and mortar.

It is. I bought it yesterday (but I haven't read any new comics yet this week).

I read it...but I'm afraid I've totally lost the thread of the story. I'll have to reread the whole series so far to see if it hangs together. 

Has a release date for issue 12 been announced?

I believe it's out. I read a DRC,and I'm a little nonplused. I'm eager to discuss it when y'all have had a whack at it.

"Has a release date for issue 12 been announced?"

Would it make any difference if it had?

Excellent point!

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