Happy Birthday Mr. Age!

Every year on this date, no matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, I always find a way to pause in my hectic schedule to pay tribute to the man who put the Silver in Silver Age. Yes, once again it's time to wish a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Age himself, Craig Shutt. So even though I was right in the middle of fixing myself a sandwich, I said to myself, "Self, it's Mr. Age's day. The sandwich can wait. Paying homage to the Aged One cannot."

So here we are again, with my traditional gift-giving to Mr. Age of three fabulous comics from yesteryear. In years past, I've bestowed upon many rare and priceless Silver Age comics (or at least the front covers of those covers) (or at least images of those front covers uploaded to this here website), but this year, I thought I would bestow upon him three valuable and treasured comic books that were on sale the same month that he was born. Now, Mr. Age being a prominent enough person to have his own Wikipedia page, it's easy enough to track down his birth year so it's certainly not divulging any state secrets to reveal that his birth actually predates the Silver Age itself. So these comics are not only precious heirlooms of a bygone age, but more to the point, they're not even Silver Age comics -- they're from a period some call the Atomic Age, or whatever that interregnum period was between the Golden and the Silver Ages.

In any event, herewith are those three highly collectable comics (covers) (JPGs), and to coin a phrase, Happy Birthday, Mr. Age!

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  • As always, Dave, you've made it clear that it's the thought that counts. I hope you enjoyed your sandwich and the lettuce hadn't wilted.

    I appreciate you making it so clear why we enjoyed the Silver Age so much. Comics needed a shot in the arm, and DC and Marvel were happy to provide it once they realized what we wanted. And I was one of the ones telling them with my dimes (and pennies, not being young enough to enjoy those 10-cent days).

    For once, you've picked three comics that I find are not in my collection, but I think we both are better off for you providing them in this form. Although you can never go wrong with Fritzi.

    Thanks for your annual tribute, Dave!

    -- MSA

  • I'm late this year. My memory fades as I get older. I hope you had a happy birthday.

    This is a pre-Silver Age cover but somehow appropriate.

    --your pal, Hoy


  • Thanks, Hoy! I've never seen that one before, although I can certainly sympathize with their plight. Whoever inflicted that upon them is truly a monster! I do sometimes feel the Doddering Doom approaching.

  • I'm late too, but I can only reiterate Dave and Hoy's good wishes for a super happy birthday, Craig. Have a super year and here's hoping that it's better than the last one for all of us (especially us guys who are getting a bit longer in the tooth!) I've chosen a cover, a splash page and a panel to represent the silver age.  Of course, I mean no offence with the Supes panel, but Craig, if you're anything like me, you get this feeling every time you gaze in a mirror!




  • I swear I was 21 just a few weeks ago.

    I already wished Mr Age a happy birthday on Facebook, so this is doubling up..


  • Thanks, Steve! It's hard to take offense when someone points out you're getting old when you go by the name "Mr. Silver Age." 

    I have actually encountered that Superman panel a number of times, both on my own timeline and on other comics' friends one. I'm starting to wish whoever posted it had cropped it straight.

    Supes became an old man several times in the Silver Age, with the appropriate amount of horror each time. Although I imagine his editor and artists could relate to that better than his readers could.

    -- MSA

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy, Mr. Silver Age!

  • A big belated Happy Birthday from me, Mr. Silver Age!

  • Mr. Silver Age,

    Belated Happy Birthday!!!

  • Happiest of Birthdays! 

    May your shield never yield, your atomic batteries always be to power and you never lose your hammer for more than sixty seconds!

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