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I'm starting to pack books for our family vacation...The Strain by del Toro and Hogan, Killing Floor by Lee Child, the last two Paul Dini Batman collections, a bunch of magazines (The New Republic, Wired)...and as I was going through my "not read yet" pile by my side of the bed I found Essential Power Man & Iron Fist. Now, I had completely forgotten I had this, but I was actually thinking about buying it a few days ago after reading some cool Iron Fist stuff in Brubaker's last Daredevil collection. I'm an impulse book buyer (worse now with Amazon), so sometimes I buy stuff twice because I completely blank that I've alread purchased it (I've done that with the Dark Horse Conan collections twice now, I think). So, I was very happy to find this Essential volume as it will be PERFECT for the beach. Anyone else had a pleasant discovery in your piles of reading material?

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  • Not in my reading material. I don't buy a lot of books, so I can keep track of what I have. I do discover in my iTunes songs that i forgot I downloaded or that my brother downloaded.

    I also like discovering in my wallet a $10 when I thought I had less.
  • I have the same problem with music purchases once in awhile. I recently downloaded an ud recording by a player I like...thought it sounded familiar...then hunted through my CD collection and found I already had it on CD! Not a particularly pleasant surprise in this case.
  • When I was in London there was a great second hand comics shop that I passed often on my road home from work. I slowly put together a lot of collections and arcs for as little as 50p each issue.

    So when I picked up an issue of Secret Six a few months ago and loved it, I was able to dig out the complete 6-issue follow-up to Villains United and read it for the first time. That was good. I now just have to get the first trade and I'm up to speed with those loveable homicidal rogues.

    I have a strange attitude to my comics though. Especially back-issues & trades of old stories. When I buy them first they have a glamour and I love the thought of reading them, but if they sit around the house awhile without being read, then I lose interest. It's not as if the story, art or merit of them changes in the meanwhile. You'd be amazed at some of the books I have sitting unread in my longboxes or shelves - classic collections of 2000AD stories, Barry Windsor-Smith's Weapon X, Straczinski's Spider-man, even loads of Grant Morrison comics, though I'm proportedly a great fan!

    (I had WE3 sitting beside my bed for years before I read it.)

    Weird, no?
  • In my "To Read" box earlier this year I found the first Adam Strange archive. Which I don't remember buying.
    When I was entering my collection into my database (was that 2 years ago already?) I rediscovered a bunch of old favorites.
  • I just read Grant Morrison's Flash last week on the beach, Doc! (Emergency Stop and The Human Race...both books still have sand in them.)

    I often find books that I forget I've bought and still haven't read...like the last volume of Loveless, and the last couple Exterminators books come to mind right now.
  • This is a slightly different kind of pleasant discovery, but I went to my mailbox at work today and picked up my new issue of the Illinois Library Association's Reporter, which featured this cover:


    That's Jill Thompson art, if you can't tell. She's providing art for the 2010 Read campaign, "Scare up a good book," and they interview her in this issue, too.
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