Okay, now I'm confused. Later this month, Incredible Hulk #600 is coming out.

I had thought that the Hulk series was taking over the numbering, as it were, of the previous Hulk series, but as I look at things, that doesn't appear to be the case, what with Hulk and Incredible Hulk issues being solicited side-by-side for the upcoming months.

So okay, let's do a little math. The original Incredible Hulk, not counting the original original series (all six issues of it), ran to issue 474. That was then relaunched as Hulk, later renamed Incredible Hulk, and that ran another 112 issues. 474 + 112 = 586. The last issue of the current Hulk series that comes out before Incredible Hulk #600 is issue 12. So if that counts towards the numbering, 586 + 12 = 598. (And Hulk #13 shouldn't count toward the total, as its solicitation says "After the shocking ending of INCREDIBLE HULK 600".) So depending on whether we count the current Hulk or not, it seems Marvel is anywhere from one to thirteen issues shy of having any claim to legitimately numbering the issue that's coming out "#600."

So I guess my question is two-fold. One: where exactly is Incredible Hulk #600 coming from, if not Hulk, and two: how did they come up with the 600 number?

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Are the counting a miniseries or two?
I'm at work right now, so I can't verify, but they're probably counting Incredible Hulk #-1 (minus one). Yes,.there was such a thing, and it is an issue of Incredible Hulk. That gets you to #599 (including Tales to Astonish/Incredible Hulk #1-474, Incredible Hulk, second series, #1-112, and Incredible Hulk, third series, #1-12). the next issue would Incredible Hulk #600.

For my part, I think the first six issues of Incredible Hulk from 1962 ought to be included somehow, as opposed to the first 58 issues of Tales to Astonish, which didn't have any Hulks in them. But I don't know how to make room for them, short of deleting the issues that are just Hulk and not Incredible Hulk, or Tales to Astonish #1-58, or even #1-101. And then we run short. I guess you could toss in Rampaging Hulk, both magazine and comic book, but that gets too messy.

In the end, you know, they're just kinda making it up. So I think we can, too.
What's worse, the numbering of the Hulk's second series began with #102.
Mark S. Ogilvie said:
Maybe marvel just wants a big 600 issue and doesn't care about how the exact numbering is?

Well...yeah. I think that sums things up nicely.
Incredible Hulk #600 comes out tomorrow. Since Marvel has been showing all of the covers of the previous issues counted in the other renumbering anniversary issues, I'm sure we will find out what they count then!
It looks to me that they included all of "Tales to Astonish that turned into Incredible Hulk", the second series that John Byrne launched, and the "Rulk" series, but not the original #1-6 of Hulk, when they counted to #600.

I squinted at the tiny pictures of all the covers (6 pages of 100 covers per page) and I'm pretty sure they didn't include # -1 either.

Thanks, Dag.

I still think it's a cheat to include the "Rulk" series in the 600 numbering if they're going to keep both the "Rulk" and Incredible series going...
Including "minus one" is exactly what Marvel did to reach #600. It falls between issues #454 and #455. That's it, five columns over from the left and five rows up from the bottom on the page illustrating #401-"500" (#25 of the 1999 series, actually).

But wait! If they added a negative doesn't that make them two issues short? ;)
Hulk Zero, One — Daredevil Zero, Nothing

More kooky kounting…

Although Hulk #0 did count toward Hulk’s 600th issue, Daredevil #0 did not count toward Daredevil’s 500th (released just 20 issues after its 100th). It was cover-dated July ’97 and should have been pictured between issues #365 and #366.
Marvel didn't count the -1 issue for Amazing Spider-Man either. They've definitely broken away from their own precedent on this one.
CORRECTION: Chris's post just reminded me that Marvel's "kooky kounting" was "negative one" issues, not "zero" issues.
I think Marvel's next renumbering projects should include Iron Man, Punisher, Heroes for Hire (including all the issues of Immortal Iron Fist, natch), Moon Knight, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, and Nova. I'm pretty sure all of them would get at least a #200. Probably #600 for Iron man.

I also think they should give some character who hasn't had a solo series before a new series and start it at #1000, so what do I know.

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