I used to work retail so I know some holidays are real and some aren't, as a retail person the real holidays are few and far between. But I think've seen signs on just about every store in the area saying that they'll be open on July 4th. Isn't this holiday worth more than just a sale?

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Are you kidding? My place is open Thanksgiving AND Christmas! That's why I don't want 9/11 to become a holiday. Why turn a national tragedy into a sales event?

Whatever else is said about "Big Box" stores, I know for a fact that Costco is closed on Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day

When I worked retail a decade ago, I don't remember ever being closed for July 4th. (Not to say that Barnes & Noble wasn't, but I don't remember that.)

I guess Columbus Day might be an example of a "no longer 'real'" holiday?????????

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A lot of stores here in Canada are closed on July 1st for Canada Day.  Last year was very confusing as Canada Day fell on Sunday; the provincial government decided that stores would be open on the actual holiday, and closed Monday the 2nd (so government employees and the banks could have a long weekend don'tcha know).

Of course, the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of this thread was my years of working at Blockbuster - open every day of the year.  But to be truthful, most holidays were busy, even Christmas - a rush when we opened at 10am, another rush around 2pm after people had their dinner, and busy until we closed at 6.  One year, the geniuses at head office decided that we would be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day until 10pm instead of 6.  That was fun, if you like ghost towns.

I worked retail for years in a supermarket and 4 years in Radio Shack. Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving were the only ones I could be certain of having off. I might have to go back into retail now when I go back to school and I have a feeling it'll be worse now. The quest for a 3 day weekend and a good sale seems to rule.

No, nothing's closed on the Fourth. The world has changed, and the expectation is that one should be able to go shopping on any day, holiday or no. 

But then, retail workers have no holidays!

Richard Willis said:

Whatever else is said about "Big Box" stores, I know for a fact that Costco is closed on Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day


Apparently not all big box stores are the same. Costco seems to be run along more humane lines than Walmart, with more consideration for the quality of life of its employees, and those holidays you cite would seem to support that.


The Costco CEO is a bit of a Facebook hero due to comparisons with Walmart.

Reagarding Independence Day opening hours, know that Shopping and Freedom are inextricably linked!  Remember that W told everyone to get shopping to show the terrorists what for after 9/11?

It's kind of a chicken-or-egg thing. Is it that the public expects the stores to be open or that the stores can't afford to lose business to their competitors if they're open?

Everyone deplores paparazzi chasing down celebrities and their children and basically attacking them but they buy the tabloids published by Murdoch et al and so support the practice.

I agree with your decision not to support Murdoch newspapers, Figs. If, heaven forbid, he buys the Los Angeles Times (which is still possible, along with the Chicago Tribune) I'll have to drop it.

There's probably a lot like us, Richard. 


It's hard to see how Murdoch would be allowed to buy any more newspapers (even though it probably is allowed).  Murdoch was deplored as a dishonest corresive villian in a statement by the UK parliament.  Surely that must stand for something?  If Dr Doom wanted to buy up ownership of a newspaper, would there be nothing stopping him in the US? Is money the only qualification needed?

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