I saw and bought a Del Rey mmpb of this 2005?? novel yesterday , apparently an attempt at a " streched out " , more ambitious , prose novel look at the classic Man of Steel mythology .

  I haven't started it yet , so.........

  Is putting it out again now - I had read of it before , I had forgotten it was that long ago - an attempt to spade the ground for the movie in advance , say ?????????

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Probably my favorite Superman story in any medium. You can read my full review on amazon.com.

...DUDE!!!!!!!!! Excellent.:-):-):-)

DeHaven is a big fan of Superman and of comics in general. He did a series of three novels on the history of comic strips and underground comics that I really liked. He's also written a book dissecting Superman's appeal and such, which might have been an outgrowth of his novel (http://www.amazon.com/Our-Hero-Superman-Earth-America/dp/0300171242...)

I read It's Superman, and I thought it was fun. It's set in the 1940s, as I remember, and it wasn't *exactly* the Superman I remember, but it's a good writer writing about Superman, which is a good combination.

-- MSA

I read it and enjoyed it. My biggest complaint is that ti tried to hard to be a period piece. OTOH, that very aspect is what appealed to many others when we discussed it on the former version of this board. Horseraces. YMMV

...I tend to like " retro "/period pieces myself:-)...What do " YM... " acronym ?

"Your Mileage May Vary" - a (formerly) frequently-used phrase around here.

I've always wanted to read this!

My opinion of "It's Superman!" is nuanced: while I found it richly and sensibly imaginative, suspenseful, and adroitly written, it also struck me as (not terribly surprising for a book taking place in the Depression) Dustbowl-bleak--I respect the author's talents, and I'm glad I stumbled (almost literally) across it, but I read Superman to escape reality, and so I doubt I'll ever re-read "It's Superman!", as admirable as I found it.

A Tom DeHaven book I have re-read is the aforementioned essay/history  "Our Hero:Superman on Earth", about which my only qualm is that it's too brief.

I have a hardbound copy of the more recent reprint of that book George, but unfortunately I consider it unreadable because for some reason, the middle third in mine is nothing but an exact reprint of the first third, thus preventing me from finding out whatever happened next before the last third begins.

And I've never been able to find another copy to read the novel from complete start to finish! 

I have the reprint of that book, too (a correct copy), but I never considered the art to be a mystery. Shuster may not have finished the art, but it is undoubtedly by the same hand(s) who painted the Superman trading cards of the era (available around the same time as the Lowther book) in a facsimile edition set), and Shuster got sole credit for those, too.


Every time I read that book it occurs to me that I would like to see it adapted into a comic book by Jerry Ordway.

I just finished re-reading "It's Superman!" and it's way less bleak than I remember; in fact, my reaction upon re-completing it is similar to my reaction upon seeing the film "The Twelve Monkeys"--I feel like running into the street and telling every passerby what I just experienced.

I don't know how to answer your original question, Emerkeith; I found my copy in the "Graphic Novels" "Science Fiction" aisle of my local Barnes and Noble, where one would expect to find the audience that would already strongly consider seeing the next Superman movie.

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