Mister Terrific (SPOILERS)

Issue #1:

This was another of the books I had planned to follow ahead of time. We start out with our hero battling some guy in a battle-suit. I'm not too wild about the new costume - the old one wasn't great, either, but it was better than this one. We get a re-cap of Mister Terrific's origin, which is pretty much as it was pre-CrisisFlashpoint, except that it's his son's ghost who apepars to him instead of the Spectre. We see that he lives in LA now, and he's got a buddy named "Karen Starr'" who looks vaguely like Power Girl, but while I can accept Barry Allen changing history, I cannot accept him changing it in such a way as to change someone from being an alien from another dimension to just being a human being so I ain't buying it. A threat arises in the form of some schmo who becomes real smart and real hostile real fast. We then cut to a party that Michael is holding for a politician, but then Michael suddenly starts getting hostile, and turns on an earthquake machine he happened to have and we realize that he's been hit by whatever got the hostile schmo, and what will become of our hero now? 


What did I think of it? Ah, it's OK.  I think I liked the character better in the context of the JSA, I'm not sure yet what I think of him on his own. None of the supporting cast thrills me particularly so far.  The art is ok. Not too bad, but nothing amazing.

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  • I think "Karen" is supposed to be the Earth One Karen Starr.  I don't think we'll see the Kryptonian Power Girl until Earth Two and the JSA reappears.


  • I thought it was okay, though I'm not completely sold. The promise of Brainwave (there's a blast from the past) might bring me back for issue two, though.
  • Actually, I think it said "Brainstorm", not "Brainwave".
  • Yep, it's Brainstorm.  

    This issue was better than I'd expected, with a lot of old-school superhero kookiness. I'm in for the next issue at least.

  • I didn't much like it, but I like seeing him flying by walking on his T-Spheres.

    I think it was a bad move getting rid of his Fair Play jacket. That was the coolest.

  • Heh heh. One of the plusses, in my opinion, was the loss of the Fair Play jacket.


    I thought this was just OK and not worth my money for a return engagement.

  • Does he have "Fair Play" anywhere on his person?


  • Tattooed on his arms.
  • Meh, that will get lased off in the future.
  • Oh, Brainstorm, really? That's a whole different kettle of fish.
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