• I'd love to see the following titles:

    • Wildcats: I'd love to see a re-issue of Wildcats 3.0 by Joe Casey and Dustin Nguyen, first off. Then I'd like to see the carry-through of the story from the point chosen by the creative team. Come on, guys. You have the power to do this, especially with the whole "continuity be damned!" decree from half of DC.
    • Kamandi: I bought the two Kirby Omnibus editions, and man, were those ever creative juices at their best. You could thrown in OMAC, the Fourth World, and everything Kirby into this title and it would be so awesome if you got the right creative team on it. I'm thinking Keith Giffen as the big story writer, with Giffen, Moritat, Ladronn, and Tom Scioli on rotating art chores.
    • Wetworks: I'd love to see this Whilce Portacio book come back with a grimmer DC edge to it. I'd love to see characters like Deathstroke, Midnighter, and maybe even Lobo take on roles within the Wetworks crowd, courtesy of artist Joe Bennett with a writer like Andy Diggle or Brian Azzarello on writing credits.
    • Gen13: I'd like to see an update on the 90's action team (Gen 14?) done by Becky Cloonan with Tom Grummett or Ale Garza on art.
  • Oh, I'd certainly love to see more Kamandi! Though Busiek & Dewey's Autumnlands is scratching that itch pretty well. 

    I'd love to somehow get more Mark Evanier-penned issues of Blackhawk. Even though Dan Spiegel is no longer with us, I'd love to see, say, Tim Truman on art. Set in World War II, but keep it a mix traditional war-story action and fantastic inventions and locations.

    In that same vein I'd love to see more All-Star Squadron. At this point, superheroes in World War II is pretty incompatible with the history of the New 52 -- which can be a selling point. Set it on another earth, and show us the Big Three in action, alongside WWII-era heroes -- there's no need to adhere to established continuity any more than the creative team desires, so they could either pick up where Roy Thomas left off, pick up right before Crisis knocked everything askew, or start over with an all-new cast! Just show me DC superheroes fighting for the Allies in WWII, and I don't think I'll complain one bit. (But extra points for using a lot of the cast Thomas & Co. developed!) And yes, crossovers with Blackhawk are encouraged. As is a WWII-set Wonder Woman comic. Paul Levitz writing, with Mark Bagley on art, sounds about perfect to me.

  • Speaking of Kamandi, the version from "Wednesday Funnies" is one I'd like to see more of.

    Regarding a title I'd like to see, I wish there was a title featuring the characters of 2008's Justice Society of America Annual #1.


  • I believe Dan Spiegle is still alive. He was born in 1920.

  • Oh, no! I feel horrible about that. I hope he's enjoying his retirement.  I think I might have confused him with Gray Morrow -- I know I've mixed them up before. 

  • I want to see more Deadman. I know he's on Justice League Dark but currently I'm not reading the title. I'd like to see some solo stuff with him. Even if it's a mini or an OGN. I am currently collecting his appearances but admitted havent read much. though I love the look of the character and have enjoyed what little I've read about him.
  • As a big Legion fan. I'd like to see Kurt Buseik and/or Gail Simone take a crack at writing them.

    How about Sgt. Rock reuniting the 100 Bullets creators of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso?

    I think Mike Zeck would be a tremendous artist on Batman.

  • Not to be too Debbie Downer, but I'd just like to see a version of the Legion that lasts more than a couple years. If it were to happen, I'd love to see Gail Simone team with long-ago Legionnaires artist Chris Sprouse.

    If you'd like to see the Legion (or at least one of them) written by Kurt Busiek, you could seek out the early 90's book Valor. I honestly read this book, but I also honestly can't remember whether it took place in our current time with a displaced Valor (Mon-El) or in the 30th Century. Either way, I remember it being a good read at the time.

  • IIRC…

    Originally, the LSH was inspired by the legend of Superboy. But in the post-Crisis DCU there was no Superboy, so that role was transferred to “Valor” (the post-Crisis version of Mon-El). Valor was set in the present day, but when it became clear the title was due to be cancelled because of low sales, the whole “inspiration for the LSH” bit, the raison d’etre of the series (he “seeded the universe” with the worlds that would become the UFP), was crammed in to just a couple of issues, he was relegated to the Phantom Zone, and the story was brought, somewhat hurriedly to my way of thinking, “full circle.”

  • Jeff of Earth-J said:

    Speaking of Kamandi, the version from "Wednesday Funnies" is one I'd like to see more of.

    Regarding a title I'd like to see, I wish there was a title featuring the characters of 2008's Justice Society of America Annual #1.

    Yeah would be good,they gave us just enough of a glimpse to make us disappointed not to have more.Especially with where the JSA comic was going.

    Never did rate that cover much though

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