For me so far:

Amazing Spider-Man: No.  There's some interesting ideas in here, but not enough to spare some of my limited budgets of comics money/reading time.

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Yes. Just interesting enough to give them a chance.    
The New Avengers: Yes. So far, they seem to be treating Squirrel Girl well.        
Spider-Gwen: Yes. So far, they've maintained the quality from the previous book.      
The Uncanny Avengers:  Maybe. It's mildly interesting, but I really don't like Deadpool.      
How about you?

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Amazing Spider-Man: No.

I have my eye set to try four others but they haven't been released yet.

I've ordered:

  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Contest of Champions
  • Doctor Strange
  • Invincible Iron Man
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (now including the Thing!)
  • Uncanny Avengers (Now including the Human Torch!)

There's something both exciting and sad about those last two!

Contest of Champions & Iron Man: No.

I have a few others but haven't read them yet.

Amazing Spider-Man: Yes

Doctor Strange: Yes

Good idea, Baron!

Avengers: Probably not, although I  have always loved Avengers.

Dr. Strange: Yes

Amazing Spider-Man: No.

Iron Man: Maybe

Contest of Champions: No.

I didn't make it to the comic shop today, but I will tomorrow.

New Avengers: No (Felt kind of Manga-ish. Not really my thing. Avengers in name only.)

Uncanny Avengers:  No (Also not really feeling an Avengers vibe. Decent in a sort of satiric, sarcastic way but didn't hook me. The art reminded me of Mad Magazine)

Doctor Strange: Yes (Beautiful art. Interesting premise. I will give it a couple more chances to hook me with a story.)

Uncanny Avengers and New Avengers: Most of the characters were young, second-tier types in the pre-Secret Wars Universe that I wasn't very interested in, or new young, new characters I wasn't very interested in. And as 'Tec said, Uncanny seemed almost like a satire. I didn't laugh. I don't need Cap, Iron Man and Thor in every book titled "Avengers," but I do need to have some connection to the characters therein, and I don't with either of these books. I have the sneaking suspicion these books aren't aimed at me.

Sam Wilson: Captain America (or Captain America: Sam WIlson, I've seen it both ways) should have made me happy, since I kinda wanted Cap to be more political in the '70s, when I discovered politics and wanted my heroes to do the same. Later I grew wiser and realized that it's not smart for a publisher to do so, and dropped that expectation from my list.

But, hey, looka here, Marvel has decided to give a try to that sophomore idea I had, and discarded, 40 years ago. Um, good? Anyway, Sam has declared his political position, which is good, but the comic book didn't have the courage to tell us what it is, which is bad. We can guess, of course, by the actions and reactions of those around him. And because, duh, Sam is African-American, and the vast majority of African-Americans vote for a particular party.And it's the party I usually vote for, too.

So am I happy? Nope. Honestly, the reluctance to completely commit feels cowardly. And the coy dance is irritating.

I would feel the same way if Sam was a Republican. Heck, go ahead and make Steve Rogers a Republican -- I don't think he would be, but for the sake of  a good drama I'd welcome it.

Just give me an honest story.

I read the big Avengers #whatever this morning, and I have to say I really didn't like it very much. I thought the Vision thing was at least interesting, but I was not impressed with any of the rest of it. I bought a couple of issues of Avengers something-or-other last week (still in the stack; haven't even looked at them), but man, I really just don't know. At least Wednesdays will be cheaper for me!

I read a couple more, among them the Marvel Point One issue. I thought this was varying degrees of okay. I thought the most interesting one was the Daredevil story, but I'm actually not sure whether Ron Garney's art nor the direction of the book will be enough to wrangle me in for that book.

Then I decided--apprehensively--to go ahead and read Amazing Spider-Man. Dan Slott continues to be a good writer. While I am not entirely on board with this new direction, I like how Slott writes dialogue such that you're overhearing it rather than plodding your way through it. It almost never feels like exposition (I say almost because there is one spot in this issue that was particularly, perhaps necessarily, stilted).

One thing that I think will bring me back was the promise of the return of Doc Ock. I read this on my iPad, which means I read it one panel at a time. I got the hint he would be back when his former girlfriend mentioned that the robot had been extra clingy since his last update. I thought, "Oh, nice!" Then, the next panel I thought, "Okay, no need to whack us over the head with it; we get it!" And then the third panel, I thought, "They're not even trying to be coy, I guess."

Guardians of the Galaxy: Hey, some people I recognize! It was a nice story, too, and if it wasn't for the presence of Ben Grimm, I"d probably be on board.

But I do object to the presence of Ben Grimm. Kitty Pryde works fine as a Guardian; her powers do well in space. But The Thing's combat advantages are a thick hide and the ability to hit hard. But since he has to wear a space suit in space, both of those are negated. You don't have to get through Ben's hide -- just puncture his space suit, which is considerably easier. And he can't hit hard, or he'll puncture his gloves. And without a jetpack -- also easily damaged -- he'll float helpless like a soap bubble. He's a dinosaur, almost literally, and only operates well with his feet on the ground.

And why is he there? Not for story reasons, but because of Ike Perlmutter. Sorry, can't buy it.

Spider-Gwen: I didn't read the first series, but apparently her father used to be her bete noir. Now he knows her secret, so he's on Team Gwen now. This was an OK book, but it didn't excite me.

Spider-Man 2009: Given that I have no interest in Miguel O'Hara, Peter David did a good job of entertaining me with this issue. I don't regret spending my $3.99, but I don't plan to buy any more.

New Avengers - Tentative yes. I'm not really that into the art, but I like Ewing as a writer.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl  - Read this one, already. It's great stuff, no drop-off in quality.

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