• ...ME has brought KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER back in the " Sci-Go Saturday " line-up. Good.
  • ...NOTL got a little " parental caution " from Svengoolie - And, in fact, it has blood/dead bodies appearances that were a touch extreme by 1972 still kind-of running  standards, still a little bit " good ol' horror movie " standards. Was it PG?

      At.the time, I read about it in a piece in the old weekly LIFE in a piece on the boom-let in " nature strikes back " horror movies. I saw it maybe a year later on CBS's Friday night " Late Movie " at 11:30, which would show tween/young teen-friendly horror/SF/rock'n'roll/slapstick comedy movies.

  • Night of the Lepus was rated PG in 1972 by the Motion Picture Association of America. The PG-13 rating didn't exist at the time. It could only have been rated PG (parental guidance) or R (restricted -  no one under 17 without a parent).

  • ...Didn't see this till now, Richard, thank you.

  • For those that missed it, Night of the Lepus is playing this Monday 10/12 at 3:30 PM or 6:30 PM on Turner Classic Movies. 

  • .Even before I saw that Richard had bumped this, I decided to add on to this to tell you that I'm now watching Svengoolie showing Clint Eastwood " in " Jack Arnold's TARANTULA. I had forgotten, plot-wise, about the " humans monster-ized, too " plot angle not to mention acromealgy.
  • ...

    Svengoolie now has THEM!, complete with bright pink lettering of the title phrase in the opening title, as the pre-cable era syndication prints we grew up on saved money by not bothering with. It takes up more time in Svengoolie's slot than a usual movie does - Is it literally uncut? - and Sven does less " bits "/liner notes than usual.

  • Did you catch Svengoolie's guest shot in the Dick Tracy comic strip? It was from Sep 27 to Oct 5, 2020.

  • Hey! I saw the Svengoolie episode featuring Night of the Lepus. I fell asleep half way through. Do the rabbits win?
  • ...THEM! rather reflected the militaristic Fifties mindset, in the general tendency of Fifties monster movies having the U.S.
    military clean up/go after the Big Scary Thing. For a film that I suppose was at least partly intended as matinee fare, it is interesting to note the portrayal of alcohol consumption - First, while some military are cleaning up giant-ant mess, one comments " When we're through with this, I'm going to do something to bend my elbow! " or similar.
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