• I'm very sorry to read this news. I remember well his previous stroke, but he seemed to have bounded back very well, recently wrapping up four limited series in a row with a fifth on the way. Strokes (plural) and kidney failure and a mild heart attack doesn't sound good, though. 

  • Glad you posted this, Cap. I would have if you hadn't.

  • His wife, Kathleen, is saying he's doing well, and strokes are better understood today than ten years ago. As Jeff says, kidney failure is a major concern.

  • Today's update:

    • Todayby Kathleen DavidBeneficiary
      He is scheduled for surgery to be done in the next couple days.

      This surgery is not without risks so he can use support.

      Thank you everyone who has donated or passed on this fundraiser.

      We are not out of the woods yet but I think the trees are thinning.
  • Today's update:

    Todayby Kathleen DavidBeneficiary
    Sorry for the radio silence, but there has been a lot going on.

    I wanted to share a photo with you.

    this is Peter standing up on his own which is a big step forward for him.

    Happy New Year
  • P.S.:

    The fundraising has raised 108% of the original goal. 

  • Today's update:

    Todayby Kathleen DavidBeneficiary
    Hi there,
    Long time no type.
    A lot and a little has happened since I last posted.
    Peter is working hard in re-hab to come home.
    However we are going to have to make some changes around the house for his mobility and safety.
    How much is not clear yet but I am starting with getting the house ready for him in terms of clear paths and figuring out the safest place to put the cats food and water.
    His sense of humor is intact and I am grateful for that along with his vast imagination.
    The brain is strong but the flesh is weak.
    We would like to thank each and every person who has helped us in so many ways.
    And here is a photo from when we were in New Zealand right before they shut the tour down so they could build and film the Hobbit.

  • Today's Update:by Kathleen DavidBeneficiary
    OK I have an update but not the kind that makes me happy.
    Peter was suppose to come home tomorrow but due to circumstances out of our control, his discharge date is again up in the air.
    I do want to show you how your money is being used.
    Peter is going to need a ramp to get into and out of the house.
    These are photos from the cad drawings.*
    We will never be able to thank all of you for your help in our time of need.
    *Only one picture could be copied.

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  • These two updates came in yesterday morning, four hours apart. He's back in the hospital. When I get another update I'll post it.


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