• I was reminded of the Capt. Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders series. He introduced Baron Strucker into the Hydra organization as its founder.

  • Rest in peace.

    Ghost Rider is one of the great Marvel characters.

  • Cap, not to be pedantic, but I think you're confusing Gary Friedrich with Mike Friedrich, who was the guiding light behind Star*Reach and the young writer whose JLA story, "The Most Dangerous Dreams of All," was the Ellison goo-fest that contained that execrable turn of phrase you cite... among many other similarly execrable phrases.

    Gary was the much better regarded writer, who was well known for several Marvel series. (He never wrote for DC, IIRC.) I remember him particularly for his Sgt. Fury stories, some of which were quite good.

  • OMG, you're right, Prince -- and that's not pedantic at all. Major mistake on my part, for which I apologize. There's no correcting the original post, so I just deleted it.


  • Just didn't want Gary to be responsible for the sins of Mike! :)

  • Having written about Marie Severin and then Gary Friedrich, I was reminded that she drew several stories he wrote for Not Brand Ecch!

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