Marie Severin has a stroke

News from Bam Smack Pow: "Comic book pioneer Marie Severin has second stroke"

Comic book pioneer Marie Severin has had a stroke and is in hospice care, according to her niece.

The niece, who is not named, passed word about Severin through a Facebook post by graphic artist Jon B. Cooke that was cited Aug. 29 on Bleeding Cool.

The post reads:

“Sad news to report from a niece of Marie Severin:

“‘We got news Marie had a stroke and is going back to the nursing home with hospice care. They say she cannot move but is still smiling. Very sad, she is one of a kind.’

“Godspeed to the Mirthful One. You are loved.”

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  • I always loved her work. Very versatile. Not many artists do so well with both drama and comedy.

  • I agree. I'm more familiar with Marie Severin's comedy work, especially with Not Brand Ecch!, but was pleasantly surprised to see how much straight superhero stuff she did, like on the Hulk and the Silver Surfer. 

    I think of Marie and John Severin like I do John and Sal Buscema; each one of the siblings had a distinct style and carved out a solid career in their own right. 

  • She was a pioneer for women in the comics industry, but I get the feeling that she never saw herself that way. She is one of the pioneers of comics, if you ask me.

  • A sad update: Marie Severin has passed away.

    From longtime friend Irene Vartanoff on Facebook:

    I'm very sorry to report that Marie Severin, the funniest and nicest woman in the comic book biz ever, is no more. Here's a pic from happier days only a few years ago. I would have cropped myself out of this photo, but notice where Marie's left hand is. Incorrigible! Love you, Marie.

  • Sorry to read this. I loved her work on Not Brand Echh!, especially the covers. May she rest in peace.

  • ...Some artwork by her I remember as being lovely outside of the mainstream was her work on the Marvel/Star MUPPET BABIES comic book.
  • Aw. To this day when I draw a cartoon Hulk, it's hers.

  • Rest in peace.

    Ms Severin was also EC's colourist. She did many cover-designs for Marvel in the 1970s.

  • I was so sorry  to hear about this. Her joy in her work always shined through. 

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