RIP Roger Corman


He was the King of the B Movies.  I can't begin to guess how many of his pictures I've seen.  I know that something like seventeen of his pictures were used on MST3K.

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  • I know this is a cliché, but I had no idea he was still alive. (He was 98.)

  • A Message From the Founders of Shout


    Dear Shout Fans,

    You may have heard the sad news that Roger Corman passed away a few days ago at 98. He has been a great friend to me, Bob and Richard, and he and his work have been an integral part of our evolution at Shout. Having the privilege of spending time with him has truly been one of the highlights of my career and I believe Bob and Richard feel the same way.

    We have been incredibly fortunate to have been in Roger Corman’s world for the last fifteen years. It’s been an honor and a lot of fun to spend time with he and Julie. We’ve developed a meaningful friendship that we cherish and is one of the great things to come out of our time at Shout. We learned a lot by doing business with Roger and getting to hear his stories about making movies and building his studios. He was very generous in publicly and privately voicing his appreciation for our treatment of his work. In this way, and in he and Julie allowing us to handle much of his vast catalog, he has been an integral part of the growth of Shout.

    We felt like we shared some of the Roger Corman ethos both at Rhino and at Shout. The DIY spirit…..not playing by the rule book…..ingenuity, humor and entertainment over big budgets, lavish parties, ego and flash.

    How could you not love a guy who was proud to tell you about how he repurposed spaceship footage for four different movies? Or who loved repeating his line to Ron Howard when he was turning down his request to increase the budget on a film – “the good news is that if you do a good job on this one you’ll never have to work for me again.”

    This is a man that went to Stanford and studied engineering, then made many hundreds of outrageous, low budget movies, distributed the most critically acclaimed international films from Fellini, Bergman, etc, and launched the careers of the biggest filmmakers and actors of the last 50 years.

    We’ll miss him terribly. We’re greatly appreciative to have known him and we’ll try to honor him by carrying his legacy forward in a way that would make him proud.

    Bob Emmer, Richard and Garson Foos

    Shout! Founders

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