Several years ago my mother rescued a cat that had been abandoned by her owners. She was expecting and we kept one of her kittens. Because of the way she could climb on seemingly anything we called her Spidercat.

Yesterday while she was happily sleeping in my front yard, a dog came into the yard, grabbed her in its mouth, and ran off with her.

Sadly this was the only picture I could find of her. A picture of Spidercat and her kitten, Felix, asleep on my couch. Spidercat is the one laying by the jar of cat treats.

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I lost a little cat to a neighborhood pack of dogs years ago. I feel for you, Ron.

Poor little fuzz.  :(

I know that pain, sorry.

Aw, no. I'm sorry for your loss, Ron.

Sorry for your loss, Ron.

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this. My condolences.

I wish I hadn't clicked on this topic.  I didn't know what it was about until I did.  I don't blame you for starting it, Ron.  I'm glad you did.  It's just that the idea of losing a loving, gentle pet in such a manner is horrific to me.  Usually, when a pet owner suffers the loss of his pet, it's one of the few times when I can state that I do know exactly how he feels.  But, under these circumstances, I cannot imagine how you must feel.

I'm a funny kind of guy when it comes to pets.  I can watch those commercials about children in Third World countries wearing rags and eating dirt to survive and think, "It sucks to be you, kid."  But if one of those five-minute-long A.S.P.C.A. spots runs, I have to leave the room.  I can't bear to see dogs and cats suffer.

I hope that tells you how sorry I feel for your loss.

I've been putting up a fence in front of my property but it's only half finished. I was planning to finish it this week. Won't help her now but maybe it will keep Felix safe.

Felix has been running around the yard, sniffing all the places his mother used to sleep. No way to explain to him she's not coming home. They have spent every night outside for years so I had no idea something like this would happen.

That's hard. We had four cats when I was a kid, and when the first one went, the others were obviously confused and dismayed by his absence.

Sorry to hear about that Ron.

We live in coyote country so we've never been able to keep a cat for very long. After losing several, we finally just had to give up.

Looking at my camera footage again, I think it was a coyote. Lived here fifty years and never saw those things.

It could well be. Coyotes have been spotted even here on Long Island.

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