It looks like Neil Gaiman's Sandman may get the prestige TV treatment at Netflix. While the report is yet to be confirmed, it's been reported breathlessly all over the Internet because it seems very likely to happen.

Here's the Hollywood Reporter story,but it's hardly the only one.

Ya'll have any comments? Casting? Likelihood of success? Is Heinberg the guy who can pull this off? (I'd have preferred Noah Hawley.)

It seems the stuff TV dreams are made on. (Sorry!)

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If they're doing a straight forward adaptation of Preludes & Nocturnes, then I wonder who they'll end up using as the primary antagonist for the season?

Dr. Destiny's currently being used by the "Arrowverse" shows, so unless Greg Berlanti Productions ends up making this thing, they may have a hard time getting permission to use him.  And even if Berlanti's company is involved, I have I hard time imagining Jeremy Davies' campy, goofy portrayal of the character working in a gruesome story like "24 Hours".

And now that I think of it, both the Martian Manhunter and John Constantine are being used by the Arrowverse as well, leaving a few more substitutions that might need to be made.

Captain Comics said:

Gaiman said the first season (11 episodes) woukd just be Preludes and Nocturnes.

I'm not sure Sandman is really a "we need one antagonist to carry the season" kind of character. I think of him as a case-by-case protagonist, but often the "antagonist" is not necessarily in the wrong--like the case of Calliope.

KSwolf said:

If they're doing a straight forward adaptation of Preludes & Nocturnes, then I wonder who they'll end up using as the primary antagonist for the season?

I hope they don't try to turn it into a standard TV show, with a "big bad" every season. Heck, if they go that route, it'll probably turn into a police procedural.

But Wolf brings up a good point I hadn't thought about, in that some of the DCU characters in Sandman won't be available, because they're appearing on another network. Dr. Destiny pops to mind immediately (because that diner sequence was so horrifying it's lodged in my brain), and if I thought about it I'd come up with more.

Maybe they'll just slap different names on the characters so as to make the series more standalone and more accessible to non-comics readers. I mean, Dr. Destiny could be a generic supervillain, or even Alistair Crowley, without changing the story much. They don't have to use the original Sandman or the Jack Kirby version; they could just do generic '40s and '60s superhero characters -- or drop their participation altogether. The DCU inhabitants of The Dreaming could be subbed with generic horror hosts or dropped altogether. (Do we really need Cain and Abel specifically?).

That approach would dim the luster of the show slightly for comics fans, but for the vast majority of the viewership it would remove the feeling that they're missing something.

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