I haven't seen it yet, but this will be as good a place as any for people to discuss the film.

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I'm going with a whole crew on Saturday night...woo-hoo!
I'm going on Friday with my father-in-law and brother-in-law(-in-law) while Jen, her sister, and her mom go see Eat Pray Love. Which I'm only able to get away with because I've assured Jen this is one I'll be willing to see more than once, so I can see it with her later.
I saw it. I received free passes to a sneak preview a couple of weeks ago.
Even though it tanked at the box office, I loved it. It's, now, my favorite comic adaption movie.
It was a blast, wasn't it?

It seemed to me that Kim was much less significant in the movie than she was in the comics, while Knives came to play a more significant role in the movie. But I've only read the comics once, so I could be misremembering... Did anyone else get that impression?

Speaking of Knives' prominence, how awesome was she in the final fight?
As I was watching the ending, I thought, "Well, Edgar Wright really likes Knives"...I even thought that, maybe, he was going to keep Scott and Knives together at the end. Kim and Lisa (in the Adult Swim cartoon short and mentioned briefly in the movie) were given smaller roles, yes, but at least Kim got some great moments. Steven Stills was a much more anxious guy in the movie and his storyline, leaving Julie and finding a boyfriend, was kinda lost. One part that was really missing, for me, was Envy Adams' storyline. You couldn't go into it as much within the time constrants of the movie, but she is a much, much more sympathetic character in the books. I also would have loved to have seen the race through the giant thrift store in the movie.

Trivia note: Bryan Lee O'Malley's sister, really named Stacey, worked in the same Toronto coffee shop as the fictional Stacey. In fact, the movie Stacey is wearing the real Stacey's old nametag in the movie.

I smiled through the whole film...I can't wait for both Bryan Lee O'Malley and Edgar Wright's next projects. Hopefully, box office won't hurt Wright too much.
We saw it Saturday night. I really, really dug it -- though the books have more depth, and more heart. But during Sex Bob-Omb's first song, as the credits rolled, my face was frozen into an enormous grin -- this was comics come to life.

I wanted to see more Kim, too. I felt like we needed a little more evidence of Scott having a history of bad relationships than just her scowl. Knives, on the other hand, I felt had just about the right amount of screen time. Then again, I heart her, and thought the actress who played her was terrific.

Comparing Scott Pilgrim to Love & Rockets...very cool...
Chicken isn't vegan?
Bread makes you fat?
So who's your favorite Scott Pilgrim character? In the books,. for me it's Kim. But in the movie, it's definitely Knives (a strong contender in the books as well).

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