In a sudden move, Warner Brothers acknowledged the existence of the much-demanded " Snyder Cut " of the 2017 JUSTICE LEAGUE, a version entirely by original director Zack Snyder filmed before his departure and replacement whose very existence had been much argued about - to be made into an exclusive for AT&T's HBO Max streaming service, to be pounded into either a four-hour mega feature or a serialized arc of TV episode-length installments. This provides a dramatic ending to something that had been much jawed about on the Internet, though apparently not here.

  Incidentally, one unexpected reaction to this was a rather eye-rolling article on Gawker by Abraham somebody ( I can't link) which basically calls the Snyder Cut movement a manifestation of the alt-right!

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  • I've seen more than a few hand-wringing comments decrying this move as Warner Bros. knuckling under to fanboys and setting a horrible precedent in doing so ... and at least one more sensible remark that Warners is doing this because it's a piece of new content it can put out at a time when such things are in short supply.

  • ...I found another somewhat disapproving pair of articles at Vanity Fair by the same author, one new to me one literally n we and written after the announcement. The author had experienced bad behavior/verbal abuse on social media from Snyder fans.

  • Snyder is a nihilist, and doesn't understand Superman and Batman. He should not be allowed to make movies about them.

    I hated Man of Steel. Pa Kent suggested that Clark should let children drown rather than reveal his secret. That isn't Superman. Superman fought the Kryptonian criminals and didn't even notice that he wiped out half of Metropolis doing so. (In fact, some Daily Planet personnel were killed.) That isn't Superman. Superman, being Superman, has spent the last 80 years saying "I will not kill," and always finding another way to end a conflict without murder. In Man of Steel Snyder had Superman say, "Duh, I can't figure out another way this time. I'll just kill the guy." That isn't Superman.

    And in later interviews, Snyder said he put that scene in on purpose to show that superheroes like Superman (and Batman) MUST kill, and anyone who disagrees is a big baby.

    I am appalled.

    Then came Batman v. Superman and Justice League. They re-iterated what Snyder told me in his direction, and in interviews. That here is a man who looks at Superman and doesn't see uplifting hope, and instead sees that might makes right.

    So I'm done with this particular director, whose films all reinforce this philosophy. And I really hope he's not allowed around anybody else's toys, because he's already done his best to destroy mine.

    And now you tell me that Justice League can get worse? No thanks.

  • ...Well, we disagree about the end product, Captain. I long ago here stated I liked Man Of Steel and Richard agreed with me, though I haven't seen it since then. I found Batman V. Superman good and the released Justice League got - OK - in the last third, once the action scenes kicked in.

      Justice League's messiness was caused by WB's corporate getting nervous/pearl-clutching over the criticism of Snyder's film's darkness instead of peppy optimism, I guess the Disney MCU was just starting to really head into first gear then and I suppose it was held up a a contrast. I liked the dark approach but I don't think every super-hero film, or every DCEU film, should follow that, the more traditional optimistic super-hero approach of Wonder Woman and the whimsical approach of Shazam were fitting.

  • I completely agree about Wonder Woman and Shazam, ED! I liked Aquaman, too, even though the story was largely by-the-numbers. We'll probably never agree about Man of Steel, but that's what makes horse races!

  • I still haven't seen either one of Snyder's Superman movies. Every time I think about starting Man of Steel I see that its over 2 hours long, and decide to do something else with my life. I thought Justice League was okay. Hearing about a new cut of the movie becoming available doesn't do much for me.

  • From a business perspective it probably makes sense to create and release a Snyder Cut to HBO Max.  It is, after all, a comparatively low investment to acquire an item of what has suddenly become a scarce commodity and is definitely likely to pay for itself,

    All the same, I can't help but be a bit surprised by all the talk about that product.  Snyder has proved himself a very bad fit for the Justice League characters at least two times already.  Why would anyone feel much of a craving for what is ultimately a slight refit of one of his lesser jewels is beyond me.

    But I suppose that it is all a matter of scale.  Many millions of people watched the theater release of the movie.  It takes only a very small percentage of those to sustain a perception that there is much expectation of a Snyder Cut.

    Personally, I think that the product is in a no win situation, although it will probably pay for itself in the long run anyway.  People who are unsatisfied with Snyder's track record with Batman and Superman are just not likely to change their minds due to a Snyder Cut.  People who enjoyed his movies so far are not likely to find much in the way of new thrills in this rehash.

    Odds are that it will just be a fry in the pan and disappoint everyone in the long run.

  • ...This has souped up discussion of an " Ayer Cut " of SUICIDE SQUAD.

  • Ain't gonna happen.

    From CBR: "HBO Max Boss Says Snyder Cut Doesn't Set Precedent for Similar Fan Campaigns"

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