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What books are you reading right now that don't have a narrative driven by images as well as words?

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"Oh, man, Jeff! I remember Illusions!"

If you liked Illusions, there is a direct sequel titled Illusions II. (I say "direct" sequel" because A Bridge Across Forever and One were sorta sequels.) i read it in a single sitting one time; I think it took me four hours. there's also a "Messiah's Handbook," covered in blue suede, exactly as described in Illusions.

I read Dune for the first time when i was a senior in high school, and I found it to be the most difficult book I had ever read at the time. I continued reading the sequels up through Chapterhouse Dune, the most current one at the time. When I went back to read the entire series a second time, I found much easier. I attribute that in part to me being more familiar with the milleu and in part to being a more sophisticated reader. I haven't read any of the postumous sequels or prequels or interstitial works, but I've read all of the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert himself.

Well it only took me 5 years, but I did pick up the other two "Watch" books. I wasn't looking too hard for them but I did see them at a Half Price Books the end of last year. I already finished Day Watch, and I thought it was very good. I'm taking a little break before I read the last one. I'm now reading Cuba Libre by Elmore Leonard.

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

Ah thanks, Richard. I knew there was a series, but I didn't know the names of the other books.

Richard Willis said:

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

I thought a nice segue of reading a novel about the Cold War was reading the Russian novel Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyaneno. The Nightwatch is basically a agency "the good guys" called The Light Ones of the supernatural who make sure the Dark Ones are kept in check. It focuses on what amounts to a guy in charge of the IT department of the Moscow office, who is also a low-grade magician, who is drawn into field work. I've read the first two stories in the book, and I've enjoyed them quite a bit. Also, recommended.

He also wrote two more books, Daywatch and Twilightwatch. There are two Russian Movies, Nightwatch and Daywatch, which were adapted from the series. They are on my Netflix list but I haven't gotten to them yet. They sound really good.

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