I am less enthusiastic about a new Superboy comic book featuring Conner Kent than I would be about one featuring Clark Kent, but the first issue is off to a good start. What interests me the most, though, is the “Coming Soon” page at the end of the issue, which previews a race with Kid Flash, a new group of Teen Titans (“?!”) and a meeting with the real (again, “?!”) Superboy. I am especially intrigued by one of the Titans who is wearing the Earth-2 Robin’s original costume.

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I thought it was alright. Of course, I'm of the opinion that Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett's run on the title is one of the best things ever written or drawn, so I'm hard to please, and this was nothing at all like that.

I like the fact that Conner Kent exists--I think he's a great character with a nice long back story now. I liked the fact that they mentioned his tactile telekinesis, even if it wasn't used properly. (He has to actually touch the object in order to be able to control it!)
Didn't he touch the tractor first?
I am especially intrigued by one of the Titans who is wearing the Earth-2 Robin’s original costume.

This one:

This one:

Or this one?

I continue to be amazed that the original Robin costume has not been retconned out of existence.

However, that one at the top of the page looks really stupid in the flesh.
I thought it was pretty stupid-looking in print back in 1967!
Is an example of a costume where the colouring makes it much worse. In B&W the mismatch of elements is less egregious.
I like the one in the middle and was very pleased to see it used in episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
I flipped through it at my LCS, Pete -- it's the gray one at the top.
I have to disagree about the "Bat-Robin" costume. I liked it better than the middle one which was just a grown up version of the classic Robin outfit. I felt, and still feel, that it showed an older Dick Grayson who assumes the mantle of Gotham's Guardian and wants to assure the public about his succession of Batman and remind criminals that, even though there's a new sheriff in town, he still practices the same way as the Dark Knight. True, the yellow and gray severely clash but at least he stands out!
The middle costume was designed by Neal Adams as a possible new costume for the Earth One Robin. It was introduced in Justice League of America #91, where the Earth Two Robin gives it to the Earth One version, whose costume has been damaged, saying it's a costume he considered using (designed by a costume designer he knows, Neal Adams) before settling on his current one. Near the end of the issue Robin 1 has a thought balloon where he thinks he might keep it, but in the event he didn't. When All-Star was revived it was used for the Earth Two Robin.
This one... this one... or this one?

Given the recent discussion of the differences between Golden Age characters and their Earth-2 counterparts, I meant the first one pictured (as Rob has already clarified). Thanks, Rob!
Doc Beechler said:
Didn't he touch the tractor first?

He did.

He didn't touch all of that wheat though.

It appears as if his "tactile telekinesis" may have evolved into regular ol' TK. Or someone just goofed.

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