Has anyone noticed a small one-dollar book that snuck onto the shelves this month?

It's part of the Hundred Penny press reprint line from IDW.

It's a reprinting of THUNDER Agents #1....featuring Dynamo, Noman and the Iron Maiden....


How nice to see it in a cheap format... and does this lead into another collection of the Wally Wood material?


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IDW picking up the property was announced at the 2012 New York Comic-Con. HERE'S a July story with some of IDW's plans for the franchise.

I liked what DC did with THUNDER, but it also made some permanent changes to the Agents that I thought limited where it  could go. So I don't mind a reboot.

I've heard that IDW will be reprinting the originals in softcover, too. This story mentions that they have the rights to do so,at least.

(And now I see that they have: Thunder Agents Classics trade paperbacks, with the second volume out next month.)

There was an ad for the new Thunder Agents series in the back of one of the comics I bought yesterday and it looked good! The art (for the ad) was by Jerry Ordway, and I thought to myself (before reading the ad copy), that if he's handling the interior artwork for the series, I'll buy it no matter what. Sadly, he is not. :(

Ordway would be a great successor to Wally Wood, IMHO. He uses many of the same slick inking techniques and lighting effects.

Yeah, there's a lot of similarity between Ordway and Wood. I think he just did one of the alternative covers, though.

Is anyone here reading the new series? 

I have been reading the new series, Rob. The last issue that came out I definitely thought was the best one yet. There was a decent chunk of story there, and a few moments in which I actually chuckled. Also, I really dig Andrea Di Vito's art. I've been a fan since his Crossgen days, but he is hardly ever on a project I am interested in.

I just picked up the dollar special, and I note while it tells the three or four page origin of the THUNDER agents, it only told a Dynamo story up to the point where he's held in chains in front of the Iron Maiden, and the complete first Noman adventure where he gains his bodies and looses one right away.  There was no indication that this was a continued story. (Can you say veiled Sado-Mas fantasies here?)


Also, was this Warlord mysterious unknown master villain ever unmasked in the original run?

I was spotting some similarities to the Ani-Men and the Organizer in DD #10-11 (1964) that Wally Wood did.  (Or was it the Masked Marauder from #25-26-27?)

I think the Warlord turned out to be (SPOILER) just one of many, part of an underground race. They wore the hoods because they were green and ugly (bulgy eyes, skull-like faces). It's been many years, so I might be conflating a few things, but that's what I remember.

Also, I'd have to go home and pull out my old THUNDER issues or HCs, but you may have seen all of there is of those particular stories in the first issue of THUNDER Agents. Is it possible they were just reprinting the pages done by Wally Wood? Without seeing it, I'm only guessing.

I'm getting the new series. It's good, not great but there is potential. They have to find the right balance of respecting the Tower version yet take it in a modern direction without making it too depressive, considering that THUNDER is supposed to be working for the government.

Captain Comics said:

I think the Warlord turned out to be (SPOILER) just one of many, part of an underground race. They wore the hoods because they were green and ugly (bulgy eyes, skull-like faces). It's been many years, so I might be conflating a few things, but that's what I remember.

That is how I remember it too. It was in the second Archive if I recall correctly, don't remember the specific issue number though.

You know, what was unique about T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents in the '60s was that it mixed the spy fad and superheroes with working-stiff humor. (The Agents were government employees, and Dyanmo would occasionally worry about whether or not he'd get overtime authorized for saving the world, or NoMan would get fussed at by bureaucrats for wasting government equipment when his bodies were destroyed.) I think all three of those legs are still sturdy these days, especially the last one, with the success of The Office. I've never seen any of the reboots over the years get the formula just right, but I think it would be a winner if IDW managed to do it.

I recall some concern that there were only a fixed number of Noman bodies...and when they were gone...well...the man who built them all was gone.... so he became extremely cautious, or paranoid as the series wore on....or am I mis-remembering?


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