The title says it all, and CBR has the deets.

"The film (which doesn't have a title as of yet) will come from a screenplay by frequent Nolan collaborator David S. Goyer and will apparently feature the villain General Zod – made famous in the classic Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve versions of the character."

So the last Superman movie saw Superman vs. Lex Luthor and real estate, and now this one sees Superman vs. General Zod.

I swear I've seen this pattern before...

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Zack Snyder...

...oh,well...there's always Spider-Man...
Yeah. There were elements of Watchmen that showed he maybe just doesn't get it. There's more to Superman than slick surfaces too...
It's repetitive suicide, no, it's worse. It's creative genocide!
I didn't like 300 but that applies to both versions. The graphic novel didn't "do" anything for me, either.

I did think that the movie version of Watchmen was brilliant. And, I've said it before and I'll say it again, the movie ending was better than the original.

In both cases, I think they were very true to both the letter and the spirit of the source material. If he can bring that same dedication to a Superman movie then I'll be happy. Of course, a great script is needed as a starting point.
Why can't DC and Warner admit that Superman is played out (as far as movies go), and let it drop? The less-than-ecstatic response to "Superman Returns" should have told them that.

I'm much more interested in seeing what Hollywood will do with Green Lantern and the Flash.
Superman? Played out? Say it aint so!

Superman Returns merely showed that there was no market for a duff Superman movie...

The mistake they made was try to put too much weight on the character. Yes, he is a modern American myth, of sorts and an icon for generations now. Truth, Justice and all that.

Still, his roots are as a wish-fulfillment fantasy figure that became immediately hugely popular because his adventures were thrilling and fun. I think they just have to amp up the action and sci-fi, pit him against foes that can give him a run for his money, and watch the queues form. Also they need to spice it up a little by hinting that rather than being 100% wholesome all the time, he's a scary alien too. The kids like scary and inhuman.

Its a safe bet that All-Star Superman is currently doing the rounds in Hollywood at the moment as a possible direction.

Super-rohypnol and Super-Stalkers are not what people buy Superman cinema tickets for...
According to the IMDB, Superman Returns grossed a bit over 200 million in the US. The Spider-Man movies and Dark Knight did much better, but I think that's still fairly impressive. The catch is the figure's still a bit behind the estimate the IMDB has of its budget.(1)

My take on Superman is that he's compelling when he comes across as embodying an ideal masculinity.

(1) I don't know if the gross figures given for movies subtract the portion of the take that goes to the cinemas. Since they're gross figures, possible not. I think the budget figure doesn't include advertising. According to the IMDB the movie grossed a bit less than as much again in the rest of the world.
If they can avoid the line "Kneel before Zod" I'll be happy.

Jeff of Earth-J said:
If they can avoid the line "Kneel before Zod" I'll be happy.

How about if they replace it with "Squeal before Zod"?
Only if they cast Ned Beatty.
Superman Returns made money and, uh, Smallville has lasted TEN seasons. I'm a Superman fan and am still amazed by that. I don't think Superman is played out at all...
I think they just have to amp up the action and sci-fi, pit him against foes that can give him a run for his money, and watch the queues form.

This. This is what made Superman II my favorite one. It was the one that had the best action, and best power levels of the bad guys he was fighting. I will take a wait and see approach on this for sure.

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