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GODZILLA MINUS ONEIn postwar Japan, a new terror rises; Godzilla.Will the devastated people be able to survive... let alone fight back?

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  • I had just about resigned myself to waiting for this one on DVD, and now you've almost convinced me to seeing it in the theater while I still have the chance. On Thurday evening, while Tracy and I were out, a large number of emergency vehicles passed by. We found out later there was a shooting (two wounded, four arrested) at the Parks Mall movie theater, the nearest screen to our house. 

  • I would argue this is, if not the best Godzilla, then the best since the original. Sure, it runs a little longer than it needed to, with some shannigans at the conclusion I could have done without. Still, it gave us credible human drama, solid effects (though it has nothing like the budget of the recent American Monsterverse films-- neither do most countries), and it restores Godzilla as a destructive force with heavy metaphoric and cultural resonance. The connections to the war and nuclear weapons are not especially subtle, but it's still a movie about an impossibly  large monster attacking cities. It can only be so subtle.

    And yeah, the reason for other countries not assisting doesn't really hold up, but narratively, it had to be Japan's fight.

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