I did a little digging around and it looks like this version of the Comics Cave will be 10 years old tomorrow.  I was curious about how old the present site was and investigated a bit.  The members section can be sorted by "Recently Added" so I went to the end and the last name that pops up is our old pal Rich Lane.  He made a News Post on May 21, 2009 -

"Welcome to the potential new site."

If you haven't registered, go ahead and get started. Look around, play with stuff, upload a few pictures. If you are at all used to Facebook, this will seem very comfortable to you.
Rich also made the first post in General Comics Discussions - "Obama Vetoes MRA", with a now broken link that says Obama Kills Mutant Registration Act.
I wasn't privy to any of the behind the curtain stuff in 2009.  My recollection is that the previous site was still up and running for a bit before this became our one and only home.  I joined this group a few years prior to this site being our clubhouse and it's hard for me to believe I've been interacting with some of you for over a decade!  It's been pretty great.To each and every one of you. I want to say -
Welcome to our 10 year Anniversary!  I'm glad you're here!

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Glad to be here, John! Happy you figured out the anniversary date.

Wow. I joined the Legion in the spring of 2004, when The Lovely and Talented was pregnant with Action Lad. Which means I've spent twice as much time in the New Cave as the Old Cave. Hmmm ... it still has that New Cave smell to me.

I've only been here since 2012, but have always been a happy resident of the Cave. Occasionally I get stuck in enormous spider webs, but that's to be expected.

Wow!!! I've been lurking for over 10 years. I'll come out of the darker, lurking corner to say Hi!

Been here since before the old cave, back when we were gathering in the back of Gabriel's Horn nightclub between Great Frog gigs... but man -- 10 years here already? Time, she does fly.

Happy anniversary, amigos! So glad we're here.

I remember three previous iterations of the board, but I still feel like a newb around here.

I have not posted in ages, but I celebrate the tenth year of this version of the Comics Cave!

I was a member of the previous versions have made some great friendships here. 

Hats off to Cap!  His vision brought together and got us where we are!  Without him there would be no Comics Cave to hang in.


I was a member of at least the previous version, but I believe the version before that as well. It's a great community! Hard to believe I've "known" so many of you for so long.

Thanks, Cap! You've done good!

Doctor Hmmm? said:

In da house!

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