Kevin Smith’s (I guess you’d call it a) reality series is back for a second season. I had some less-than-complimentary things to say about the early episodes last year, but over the course of the season I found that it grew on me and I missed it when it was gone. “Kevin Smith’s friends are not mine,” I said, but by the end of the first season I felt I came to know them and think of them that way (“TV friends,” anyway). I really had no expectation that this show would have enough mass appeal (even on cable) to return for a second season, but I’m glad it’s back.

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I'm not crazy about the show. Most of the jokes are juvenile, and worse yet, I see them coming a mile away. But I have to admit I almost always watch it. It was good to see the Legion represented -- seems like a pretty cool recent collectible, there. And the Legion fan was pretty awesome.

Did it used to be an hour? I think 1/2 hour is a much better format.

It's pretty goofy, but I do keep watching it (mostly because it's on after Walking & Talking Dead, so it's easy to record). But it's really hard to respect these guys. I marvel that they run a comics shop and keep it open, given the amount of staff (and that they let the sarcastic, creepy Bryan hang around all day long).

They decided to start holding birthday parties in the store, among the merchandise and never mentioned doing any research or talking with other party-holders about how they go, problems that arise, etc. Maybe they did it, but they never mentioned it.

And then the first party was for FOUR-year-olds, with apparently no parents on-site? They slapped some paint on the kids' faces because it took too long to do it well, and they expected a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game to fill up an hour.

They're part of freak-show TV, only with comics instead of beauty pageants or guidos.

I was more fascinated by the Collection Intervention series that ran for six shows on SyFy. Those guys had great collections that had run amok. I'm not sure the intervention woman always solved the problem, but seeing all that cool stuff, even if was over the top, was pretty cool.

-- MSA

I can’t deny or refute a single thing you said about Comic Book Men.

We watched Collection Obsession, too.

Last night on Comic Book Men, a guy brought in a 1975 Marvel World Cardboard Set which was Walt's favorite toy as a child. He was so excited that he couldn't even negotiate for it so the visiting Keven Smith (still wearing the same hockey jersey as the intros!) bought it for him, not the store, for $600!

I've heard about Marvel World but never had it! I wish to God that I did!

However I did have this:

I guess Bruce and Hugh Hefner had a lot in common!

Even though it came out in 1973, it still featured all the characters from the Batman TV show except for Aunt Harriet!

I do remember wishing they had included Two-Face, the Scarecrow and Poison Ivy!


Sunday’s episode provided a lot to comment on.

MECHA-KONG COSTUME: Walter never heard of selling on consignment?

TMNT ORIGINAL ART: $20,000 vs. $2200? That’s not even in the same universe, much less ballpark! The guy should have taken Walter’s (very generous) offer rather than trying to jack it up another $200. (I’ll be he regrets that.) We’ve seen a lot more people walk away with their collectibles unsold this season in comparison to last.

STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL: I remember being very excited to watch this on TV back in 1977, then being hugely disappointed by the show itself. Now I’m disappointed to hear that Lucas will never allow it to be re-released because I’d really like to see it again, cheesy as it was. It’s the same disappointment I felt when I found out Kiss will never allow the re-release of Phantom of the Park. And, to bring this full circle, a customer bought the two Marvel Kiss Specials on last Sunday’s episode.

TOUGH SH*T!: I bought an uncorrected proof copy of KS’s book for a buck a while ago, but I haven’t yet read it.

MARVEL WORLD: I must admit, I’ve never before heard of this toy. Was it advertised in the comics at all? If so, I certainly don’t remember it.

NEXT WEEK: Stan Lee! That ought to be good. I like the way everyone was shown “sitting at the master’s feet” in the preview.

I've never seen the Star Wars Holiday Special, but from the extensive descriptions I've read of it, I suspect that the idea of the show is more interesting than actually watching it would be.

Definitely MST3K fodder.

There are some things that are bad. Then there are some things that are so bad, they are good. This one circles right past that to be really, really bad again.

It is terrible. I used to see it for sale quite often for sales at shows. Not for a while though, so maybe people are cracking down on it. Then again I haven't actively looked for.

The Baron said:

I've never seen the Star Wars Holiday Special, but from the extensive descriptions I've read of it, I suspect that the idea of the show is more interesting than actually watching it would be.

Besides the first appearance of Boba Fett in a badly animated sequence, what I remember most about the Star Wars Holiday Special was Carrie Fisher singing and Harrison Ford looking like he wished he were somewhere else!

There was an ad for Marvel World in the comics but it wasn't around for long. Also interesting in retrospect that while there were most of the Defenders represented, there was not one X-Man!

The new season of Comic Book Men debuted this past weekend. The first episode dealt primarily with Keven Smith hiring Lou Ferigno to be Bryan’s personal trainer for a couple of days. Last season, Walter and Bryan pitched an idea for a new comic book series to Dynamite (making the process look way easier than it would be if you weren’t best friends with Kevin Smith), and Dynamite bought it. The first issue came out last week, “coincidentally” just in time for the debut of the new season. I imagine at least some of this season will revolve around marketing and promoting this new series, written by Bryan and drawn by Walter, Cryptozoic Man.

I bought and read the first issue last week, just out of curiosity, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying the second. On the surface, it’s “Vertigo-esque,” sort of a cross between Animal Man and Swamp Thing, but it’s pretty tough to slog through. Walter’s art is not bad (better than I expected it to be, in fact), but Bryan’s plot is nearly incomprehensible.

I doubt that there is anyone else on this board who tried the first issue, but if there is, I’d be interested to hear your opinion.

I did, in fact, order Cryptozoic Man. When I get it, I'll let you know.

I was more surprised that you could get Elektra's first appearance for $68!

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