Has anyone here framed their comics for display? It is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but when I looked they aren't cheap. You can find them on Amazon from $6/ea (when you buy a 5 pack) on up. So I started looking online for a cheap DIY route.

The first one I found was using IKEA frames. The original post was from 2011, and I couldn't even find 8.5 x 11 frames at IKEA, and walking around that humongous place just for frames didn't really appeal to me.

Next one I found was using frames from Dollar Tree. This is more my speed. I figure total I am spending $1.25 or so a frame:

$1 for the frame

$4 for a 50 piece pack of black cardstock from Wal-mart

$1.15 for 8 picture hangers.

Here are my first attempts:

I don't have a ton of wall space so I figure I rotate them in and out. Plus, it gives me something to do.

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There was a company that used to make wooden comic book frames with plastic inserts, but I don't think they are in business anymore. I gave one framed comic as a gift a couple of years ago, thought it looked pretty neat, then bought the only remaining such frame they had in stock. I don'r have a lot of wall space, either, so my original plan was to rotate it out. Eventually the comics I settled on for "permanent" status was the Silver Age Green Lantern #40, a gift from Tracy for our first wedding anniversary (paper). Whenever I display anything like that, though, I worry about fading.

I'll tell you who has some neat cover art displayed in his house: Chris Fluit. He made color blow-ups of his favorite covers and put them in standard poster art frames.

Yours look pretty good.

I don't remember if I posted a picture, but some time back I think I mentioned a cluster of small frames (I think 8x12) on one of the walls. What I actually framed were paper prints of comic cover images. If they fade, I can reprint them. The frames are a little wider than the images. I added black space to the sides of the images before printing them.

Those look good, Travis. Looks like the comic is still bagged and boarded inside the frame, correct? I never thought of Dollar Tree for frames. Big fan of the place. I'll have to check there next time I need one.

Jeff, I am moderately worried about fading. One of the articles I read the author originally advised using Mylites, but he later did an experiment with different bags and Mylites ended up fading the worst. He ended up recommending regular bags. None of my comics are in direct sunlight, and at this point it doesn't look like my collection is going to anyone else, so it is all on me if they are faded when/if I sell them.

I didn't know that about Chris, that sounds pretty cool.

Richard, that's a good idea with making your own prints. Not feasible for me at this time, as I don't have a color printer at this time. I like it though.

Mark, yeah I still have them bagged and boarded. I pretty much only buy silver age sizes, so there is a little bit more white space from the backing boards than I would like. The frames are just called "Document Frames" and they are 8.5x11.

If I were to do this again I would buy white cardstock to blend with the backing boards more, but I have over 40 more pages of the black, so I think I'm good on that. I know some people use a laser level to keep all their frames even with each other. I kind of like the unevenness of it.

Thanks for the kind words all.

So, these are the comics I picked for like a Halloween theme. I love that Catwoman comic

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