Story   So Ike Pearlmother Perlmutter is out, Marvel Entertainment is to be folded into larger Disney business units, and I don't know what it all means!  Is it the real-life Marvel "Endgame"?  Is it just a reorganization? Will worlds live? Will worlds die? Will nothing ever be the same again?  And what about Naomii?

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  • Thank you SO much for that link. I'd totally forgotten about Love of Chair.

    As for Marvel, it sounds like they could be in store for quite a shakeup. I'd look to Heidi, who you linked to, and to Graeme McMillan at Popverse, for the most informed takes on it.  

  • It sounds like Ike's contract says he will continue to run Marvel Entertainment until the Sun goes nova. If they reorganize and the entity by that name no longer exists it's a way to break the contract and get rid of Ike, who had become a disruptive force. His wanting to fire Kevin Feige was probably the last straw. Saying that Marvel Entertainment is redundant* would seem to mean that the same functions can continue after reorganization divides them up. If Ike was against having copies of books (and comics?) in reserve, then that is potentially a bad thing. Is Marvel Comics as an entity losing or making money? Disney using the Marvel characters in children's picture books could turn into a way to maintain copyright/trademark, which might mean shutting down Marvel Comics.

    *For those who are unfamiliar, in Britain the phrase "being made redundant" means the same thing as the U.S. phrase "being laid off."

  • I never knew it existed untill they killed it.

    ClarkKent_DC said:

  • The follow-up article:

    Ike is gone; what’s next for Marvel Comics
    A new and terrifying day dawns

    By Heidi MacDonald -03/30/2023 9:30 am

    Story (be sure to read the entire story)

  • Ike Perlmutter: I don’t care about making money, just SAVING money

    By Heidi MacDonald 04/05/2023 6:30 pm


  • Apparently, Ike thinks that the MCU would have made just as much money if they spent half as much producing the movies.

    Regarding The Inhumans TV show, the best thing about it was Medusa's hair. What did they do? They came up with an in-story reason to save money on the hair effects. They cut it all off! As alive as her hair had always been, what must that have felt like?

    "While some have said this WSJ interview is a puff piece"

    After Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal it became a Donald Trump vehicle, just like Ike himself.

    "Ron (DeSantis), you’re right. Disney doesn’t have the right to get involved with politics"

    Huh? I thought corporations were people.

  • Huh? I thought corporations were people.

    They are!

    "Corporations are people, my friend!" -- Mitt Romney

    And, of course, according to the Supreme Court, money is speech.

    Also, this just in: Black is white, up is down and Greedo fired first.

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