This isn't real -- Time hasn't yet announced its Person of the Year -- but it might as well be:

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For a second I thought that was Grim from Billie and Mandy.  

It's certainly been a grim year for me personally. I lost my mother and my dog.

My wife's cousin's husband the actor, Owiso Odera, died unexpectedly while rehearsing a play last month. We found out during Election Night.

He guest starred on three episodes of The Originals, and the cast gave him nice tributes. He also had been in Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, Three Rivers, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Dirt.

We saw him star as Othello at the Folger Shakespeare Theare in Washington a few years back. Before the show, we went to dinner with Owiso and his wife, and my son was struck that this charming, friendly, really cool guy we had a nice time with could be this jealous, furious, murderous man -- but hey, that's acting. 

...There's a set-up for a damn fine country song in that last sentence of your , mine Captain !!!!!!!!!

  With all sympathies for your losses , too .

  I saw that Bobby Vee was on Clark's graphic...Here in San Francisco , there was an annual " folk/bluegrass/Americana salute to those who have left us " show at the Great American Music Hall theater here in late November - I saw it postered somewhat before the show , I wasn't able to go , but I wondered if thay might have added Bobby Vee (The show advt'd many people not " folk/bluegrass " as being among those saluted , including Lemmy and Bowie .) by the time the show actually wnt on in late November .

  Could anyone here with more computer time than I'm currently able to have maybe check out , " folk/bluegrass to those who left us salute show at Great American Music Hall " and find find out , lease ?

  Actually , Clark , perhaps because they came early in the year - you didn't mention Paul Kanter or Signe Anderson , either !

Captain Comics said:

It's certainly been a grim year for me personally. I lost my mother and my dog.

Cap, Clark - my condolences to both of you.

My condolences as well.

And I'd add Leon Russell and Mose Allison, but it's a pretty comprehensive (and depressing) list. On a personal note, I saw Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings at the Montreal Jazz Festival in June, and she put out an amazing amount of energy. Really looked like she had beat her illness.

ClarkKent_DC said:

The inventor of the McDonald's Big Mac died the same day: " 'Big Mac' Creator Jim Delligatti Dies at 98"

Cap, Clark, my condolences to both of you.

The hits just keep on coming. From Variety: " 'Green Hornet' Star Van Williams Dies at 82"

They went with Trumpy in the end. Not a huge surprise.

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