When a thread gets long enough will it eventually start a new page, or will we have to scroll down for half an hour to get to the new replies? Or is that something that can be set up from the users end or from the moderators end?


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Luke Blanchard said:

We were talking about this above. Our experience is the post loads quickly, but it doesn't show on one's own computer as having loaded right away. You can check this by opening the thread in another tab (or just checking the homepage, since it says so and so many seconds since the last post).

It seems to be a regular c.40 sec. delay. Presumably it's a setting. Maybe the board uses the time for a malware or spam check. It doesn't happen with post alterations.

Yes. Very annoying. When I post from my tablet it's creating duplicate or multiple duplicates of the same post.

And from past experience it's possible that multiple posts can get you kicked out.

I've been experiencing what seem to be long load times, too -- but like Luke says, it looks like my comment has loaded, but it's not notifying my computer that the deed has been done. What I tend to do is select-all and copy my comment, then reload the page. It loads up with my comment already posted.

Come to think of it, the quick appearance of the posts except in the original window makes nonsense of my malware or spam check suggestion.

I've been getting the same experience Randy describes -- a spinning circle when I post, but it appears to be fine if I open another tab -- so I figured something was wrong. And then Ning took the system down for a day. I figured we were not alone, and now it would be fixed.

But it's not. I will say this: I don't get the spinny thing when I post from a PC. It seems only Macs give it to me.

I'm posting from a Microsoft on a booklet PC and it happens to me too. Now that I've determined it's posting and is just slow telling me about it, I can live with it.

...and it just did it again. On the rare occasion that I post a simple comment from my Android phone it seems to be doing the same thing.

So the PC thing isn't a leg to stand on. Thanks for saying so, Richard.

I'll post a question/complaint or try to get on Live Chat with Ning tomorrow. Y'all keep feeding me your experiences so I know what I'm talking about.

Here's what I've been doing: when my reply doesn't post after 10 seconds or so, I scroll to thw top and click "HOME."

Just in case it really hasn't posted I open the Home Page in a new tab. As soon as I see that it actually posted I close the updating page even if it's still spinning. 

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Here's what I've been doing: when my reply doesn't post after 10 seconds or so, I scroll to thw top and click "HOME."

Just in case it hasn't really posted I highlight and copy the text before clicking "HOME".that saves me from opening a new tab (and I haven't had a reply that didn't realy post yet).

I think they've fixed it. I just posted a reply and it came back immediately!

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