The Seven Soldiers of Victory were re-formed "to come together when needed", whatever that means. The line-up will be::


  1. The Crimson Avenger (Jill Carlyle)
  2. The Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
  3. The Red Arrow (Emiko Queen)
  4. The Shining Knight (Sir Justin)
  5. Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore_
  6. S.T.R.I.P.E. (Pat Dugan)
  7. The Vigilante (Greg Sanders)


The following characters were rescued that were already from the present day:


  1. Dan the Dyna-Mite (Daniel Dunbar): He is now young again. Didn't his powers only work in tandem with TNT?
  2. The Air Wave (Harold Jordan):: Didn't know he was lost, but then, I couldn't tell you here he last appeared.
  3. The Secret (Greta Hayes): Couldn't tell you where she last appeated, either.


Te following chracters were from the past, but had to remain in the present day because reasons, and who I guess are going to form a Junior Justice Society:


  1. Robbie the Robot-Dog, that was the original Robotman's pet, apparently. I'd love to know how someone in the 1940's :built a sentient robot.
  2. Cherry Bomb (Gloria James): An African-American girl who has powers like the original Human Bomb and was his sidekick. Her issue is that she can't always control her powers.
  3. Betsy Ross (Elizabeth Rose) and Molly Pitcher (Molly Preacher), teen sidekicks to Miss America (Joan Dale). they have mystical patriotic items.
  4. Ladybug (Rosibel Rivera) A young Hispanic girl who was the sidekick to the Red Bee.
  5. Little Boy Blue (Tommy Rogers), the Blue Boys (Richard "Tubby" Mehlville and Herbert "Toughy" Simms) and Little Miss Redhead (Janie), who as far as I can recall, were basically just kids who managed to avoid getting shot by the first crook they met who had a gun.
  6. Quiz Kid (Raghu Seetharaman) And Indian-American sidekick to the original Mister Terrific.
  7. Tick-Tock (Jmmy Martin) Who I'd never heard of, but was apparently Rex tyler's sidekick.
  8. John Henry Jr. (John Henry Irons), who has one of the original Jihn Henry's hammers, and I assume is related to Steel.
  9. Salem the Witch Gril, who is Doctor Fate's new retroactive sidekick.
  10. The Boom (Judy Garrick) Jay's daughter. Great character idea, lousy name.
  11. Sparky (Sparkington J. Northrup), sidekick to the original Blue Beetle.
  12. Pinky (Phineas Butler), sidekick to Mister Scarlet.
  13. The Newsboy Legion: Tommy Tompkins, Scrapper, Gabby, Flip, big ords and a girl called "Famous" Bobby that I've never heard of.  Aren't there already clones of these guys floating around somewhere?


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  • Others, though, like Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher, feel authentically like Golden Age Sidekicks to me.

    Both first appeared in early issues of Quality's Military Comics, as Betsy Rose and Molly Preacher, respectively. I haven't read those appearances yet, but I assume they didn't have super-powers or magic pitchers. I'll know soon enough, as PS Artbooks is about to start reprinting Military Comics

    Another Betsy Ross was a supporting character in Captain America Comics who eventually became Golden Girl. 

    Also, Paul Revere Jr. was a kid with his own strip in Ace's Super-Mystery Comics, who did the usual implausible foiling of adult spies and fifth columnists in his home town. He had two friends with equally patriotic names, Betsy Ross and Pat Henry, who helped him. His dad, District Attorney Paul Revere Sr., would sometimes offer sage advice, but didn't participate in the adventures, at least not the ones I've read.

    I would be surprised if there weren't more Betsy Rosses in the Golden Age. 

    TNT is shown to have been killed in action at the start of the story. 

    Back in the Golden Age, or more currently?

    • I hadn't realized that Betsy Ross & Molly Pitcher were genuine Golden Age characters, Cap -- that's great!

  • Back in the Golden Age, which I believe had been extablished previously, maybe in the Young All-Stars book.

    Captain Comics said:

    TNT is shown to have been killed in action at the start of the story. 

    Back in the Golden Age, or more currently?

  • I thought I’d update what they’ve been doing with these characters, with a few side notes on what’s going on with the JSA, as well. There  will be SPOILERS here for Justice Society of America #6.


    1. Courtney shows up at JSA HQ with Hourman and Judy Garrick. Seeing Judy causes Jay to remember that he has a daughter. They have a tearful reunion and race off to see Joan. No doubt they will work out how to explain to their neighbors that their daughter is a teenager when she should be in her 70‘s. Maybe that kind of thing happens all the time in the DCU.
    2. Bruce sets Helena up with an apartment in NYC. They have an awkward conversation in which she warns him that he’s got a big crossover coming up. Shouldn’t Helena be able to tell him how it all turns out? She’s already erased the future she lived in, so doesn’t have to worry about the “Web of Time” or any of that nonsense.
    3. The JSA agrees to go along with Courtney’s plan for the youngsters, so I guess we’ll be getting a “Junior JSA”.
    4. Salem goes to visit Khalid, but she is dismissive of his efforts.
    5. Beth Chapel is trying to help Gloria control her powers. Ted stops by, asking if she’s seen Yolanda, who’s missed a training session. We see a calendar that shows that an eclipse is due, so I guess we’ll be seeing Eclipso soon.  Be funny as Hell if it was Jean Loring.
    6. Was it ever explained how Beth and Yolanda came back from the dead? What happened to Pieter Cross and Tommy Bronson? Were they just shuffled out of continuity, or sent to live on a farm upstate where they can chase rabbits all day?
    7. Courtney takes Rosibel to the farm in Oregon where she used to live, which is owned by Rick Raleigh’s granddaughter. Rosibel is sad until she meets Michael the Bee, who is somehow still alive after 79 years. I know the Red Bee was killed off, but wasn’t he brought back at some point?
    8. John Henry Jr. meets with John Henry and Natasha Irons in Metropolis.
    9. Dan the Dyna-Mite and damage are shown beating the crap out of Reichsmark. So, Dan now has an old man’s memories in a kid’s body. That could make for some interesting stories.
    10. Michael is shown to be giving Raghu a room to live in. Raghu has ideas on how to improve Michael’s T-Spheres. I don’t care how smart he is, a kid from the 1940’s should still be playing catch-up with Twenty-First Century tech.
    11. We end with Helena talking to Karen. Helena suggests that in addition to the kids, the Society should also make an early start on recruiting villains that had reformed and joined the JSA in her lost future timeline, including the Harlequin’s Son, the Gentleman Ghost, Ruby and Solomon Grundy. What could possibly go wrong?
    • Funny, I can't see Beth and Yolanda as anything but the TV versions now.

      Johns created Tommy and Pieter IIRC so I doubt he'd just shuffle them off.  But I've no idea if I'm right.

      Thanks for the update.

  • Was it ever explained how Beth and Yolanda came back from the dead?

    I feel as if I should know the answer to this question, but I'm blanking. I'll tell you one thing, though: it's far easier to simply ignore the story in which they died.

    I know the Red Bee was killed off, but wasn’t he brought back at some point?

    He was featured in James Robinson's Starman, but I don't recall the details. Maybe it was a "Times Past."

  • I think Beth and Yolanda were brought back by the Lazarus rains last year.

    As for the Red Bee, I've heard that he's currently appearing in the Peacemaker Tries Hard series, but I haven't yet had a chance to read it. (I hear it's pretty good, though!)

    • Looked up Lazarus rains ... sigh. I much preferred when the Lazarus Pit was something unique and astonishing to the routine thing it's become.


  • As for Judy Garrick, I think Jay's been public with his identity since the 70s, so "superhero time travel shennanigans" should be all the explanation his neighbors need for her age.

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