...Following in the massive footprints of the " Incomprehensible Idiot  " thread , I present...........

  ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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...I got out yesterday, I'm OK. Thank you!

Glad to hear it, Emerkeith!

Thanks for letting us know (even tho' I'm a stranger here); I hope you're feeling much better.

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...I got out yesterday, I'm OK. Thank you!

...I don't recall hearing that in the film!!!!!!!!!!! What I noted was one of the Jets, in Doc's candy store, jokes about loving Captain Marvel! ~ The stage version specifically took place in summer 1057, so perhaps Doc got some old stock cheap ~ It was a poor neighborhood, after all.

  The still-available novelization (which is based on the original stage version, not the movie ! ~ Could the Superman reference have been in the, presumably longer, and maybe less worried by making referenced to copyrighted characters, stage version?????) adds a subplot of a lesser character (the same Jet?) liking comic books ~ and specifically namedrops Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter!

  I have eard that a  rehearsal vocal version of the opening dance numer (an instrumental in the final version) had lyrics where the Jets mention liking comic books ~ Great for our image!!!!! ~ and a reference about " how longdoes it take to get to the moon? " but I haven't been able to find out details about it.

Misery in Spades said:

I'm sorry to hear that you're in the hospital.

I just picked up a used copy of "Superman at Fifty", a collection of essays about Big Blue published in 1987; a trivia quiz in the back notes that Superman was mentioned in several major 20th century films, including "West Side Story", but the quizmaster didn't provide quotes.

Get well soon, Emerkeith.

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...However, I ended up being sleepy (I'm in th e hospital again) and ended up sleeping
through it instead.

Does anyone here know of any newsstand accounts places in your orbit that sell standard comic nooks? Really, any? Barnes & Noble? (few here) Books-A-Million? (none)

This is old now, but one of two odd comics I got st FCBD this year was the LITTLE LULU comic book from Drawn & Quarterly - promoting their new line of John Sgamlry trptintd )How many are out yet?).

  Here's an odd thing about it, though. It contained a couple of text/puzzle/filler pages, IIRC one two-pager and one one-pager.

  It seemed to me like the contents of the pages might have been newly written by someone at Ffaen & Quarterly. Although not the art on the filler pages. I think somebody might have used some Stanley imagery and placed it around a newly written text story and puzzle page, repurposing the old art. The text story & puzzle just didn't seem like Fifties examples of these concepts. Maybe someone at D&Q decided to challenge themselves with a retro " funny book " concept!:-)

The feature-length continuation of DOWNTON SBBEY has opened. I never watched the TV series. However, I am considering for the check of it seeing the feature, coming at it new! How might that be? (I know of course what the concept of the series is, have read of a few of the show's major plot wheels/season opeeners-closers were over the years, and know of the feature's MacGuffin, the Royslx' visiting.)

...However:-(...I just found out NOW that the SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP has been cancelled with #50, what I picked up yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! As has TEEN TITANS GO, which I don't get ~ leaving LOONEY TOONS the only remnant of what was once DC's " Johnny DC " kid's line ~ and I saw the point made, the only " E "-rated title from ATT-WB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only $2.99-er, too.

  The only BT Universe titles I pull at present are AQUAMAN and DEATH'S HEAD,

  My LCS seems to order rather carefully ~ When I got  They have unsold Teen Titans in their rack from the last year-or-so...perhaps to have a " Since it's on TV " exposure of it despite it being on foolscap hiatus now?

  I saw and bought the Archie HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ~ It, too, was the last copy on the rack. My shop rather aims more for the kid audience, too!!!!!

I recently read a 50c bin purchase of Steve Gerber/Gene Conan-Tom Palmer's STEWART THE RAT, an 2000s reissue. Was this version identical to the 1980 original? Had heard of it before, but that's all. At 48 pages (41 of comics, 7 of text with an illustration) this was more a " graphic novella/omelette " than novel. Was the original an album/book of some sort? This was comic-book sized.

If I remember correctly, it was the same format as the Marvel Graphic Novels, but I don't recall a page count. I'm pretty sure I still have it on a shelf at home, so I'll check it when I get there.

.. Thank you. I meant " novelette " not egg above, as I'm sure you guessed! Was the 1980 identical in content? I have an odd feeling that my 2000s might have cut down the prominence of, in particular, one topical point.

I am now in a theater, waiting for the Renee Zellenger " JUDY " movie to start!

  For a comics connection here, this company that puts out lots of PD GA comics material Has - Bawanaland? - is putting out a reissue of a 70s Judy Garland one-shot memorial magazine.

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