The Voice?

I've gone and done it...I've registered for Season 2 auditions for NBC's "The Voice".  No word on audition times and places yet.  Singing is a great love of mine, and life's short, so I'm going to give it a go.  The truth is, I'd be happy just to make it to the show!

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  • Thanks, Mark.
  • Lots of luck, dude! oregonian_smileybands.gif
  • Good luck with it, man!
  • Best o' luck, man. You got my vote!


  • ...Lotsa luck !

      I have singing inspirations but , as far as ever getting on a reality show , I'm sorta old & overweight/have some appearance-affecting health issues ( Remember when Stephen Stills tried out for the Monkees ??? )/sort of think I'm too WASPy-cum-New-Yorkish in accent to be what a network TV shows finds sufficiently folksy...

      I've been watching that Don't Forget The Lyrics show some and though " That might be fun " but ( Yers , yes , it's a game show , not a true vocal talent test . ) that , since my memory of pop charts hits really does start sharply heading down in the Nineties , and show doesn't really seem to go back much further than the Seventies , and not beyond the most obvious latish Sixties at all...

  • I'm no youngster myself, Emerkeith. :D But, on "The Voice", it seems to me that the emphasis is more on talent than youth.  I know that my age might make it tougher (I'm 44), but I'm not letting it stop me from trying!
  • Rock on with your bad self, Don!
  • Mickey, your stint on Jeopardy was a big part of my decision!  Thanks for the support!
  • Fantastic. I hope you do well and its a lot of fun for you.

    Is it about singing? Is there another show that is for radio announcers?

    I've only started singing lately. Just Irish songs to lull the kids to sleep. I thought I might as well learn a few tunes and pass on abit of their culture to them, seeing as I was humming to them anyway.

    don't think I'm quite ready for a wider audience yet though!
  • Best of luck to ya, Don! Have fun!
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