OK, a gap opened up in the Sourcewall, see, and out dropped disks of the old 60's Marvel Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner cartoon.  It's been close to forty-five since I've seen them last, and I never even knew they was Thor and Sub-Mariner ones when I was a kid. So, anyway, let's see what I see.

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Episode Four: "At the Mercy of Loki"

In which Loki kidnaps Jane and freezes Thor, Odin shows up, and sentences them to the Trial of the Gods, which involves them escaping the Forbidden Zone, or something. Loki cheats, but Thor is declared the winner.  It's fun watching these, but I hope that the original comics had a little more depth to them than these stories are presenting.

In my estimation they did. This is right around the time in the comics (storywise) that JiM/Thor got really good.

"He's the Red Skull! He wouldn't lie!"


Episode three of the cartoon was apparently based on the lead stories from Journey into Mystery #103-#104. With those instalments the Asgardian cast began to be expanded and "Tales of Asgard"-style mythological spectacle entered the main strip.

From #114 the feature adopted the never ending adventure approach, in which each adventure segues into the next. "The Trial of the Gods!" in #116 grew out of the Absorbing Man storyline in #114-#115. In #116 (spoiler warning) Thor lost the trial, but in the next issue he was given a chance to prove Loki cheated, beginning the next storyline. The cartoon seems to be skipping all non-Asgard tales.

For anyone trying to follow along on youtube, Captain America's shows are currently there, while the Hulk's have been taken down. Watch them while you can.

Clearly the censors weren't paying attention with this show. The Hulk episode based on Avengers#2 has Space Phantom come to Earth looking like something I can't even say, and has the Wasp try to make Giant-Man jealous by shaking her butt at Thor. And then there's Iron Man's weird attempt to color his old golden armor red and yellow to try to look modern. There was also an Iron Man episode using the gold armor that they tried to explain away by saying he was wearing his old armor for some reason we never learn. They couldn't just say the episodes with the old suit took place before the other ones?

You don't think about it at the time but today it sounds very odd the way Hank and Jan talk about taking pills to change size in the Avengers#4 episode. Also they must have been familiar with the current comics but not bothered to read the ones they were working with, since Jan tells Cap she's Janet van Dyne and Giant-Man is Hank Pym, even though he doesn't find out in the comics until #28.

The editing was very odd. The Crimson Dynamo episode combined his first appearance with his death fighting the Black Widow's assistant. Two Absorbing Man stories were spliced together. Putting those together made sense, but how did FF Annual#3 and FF#6 fit together as a Sub-Mariner episode? Namor was almost the only Marvel character in 1965 that didn't show up at Reed and Sue's wedding, so he shouldn't even have shown up for half of his own cartoon.

The Baron said:

Thor calls to Odin for help twice in this one. You know, you're not all that inspiring of a hero if your battle cry is "Dad, help!"

I was gambling in Havana

I took a little risk

Send lawyers, guns and money

Dad, get me out of this!

"The Mighty Thor" Episode Five: "The Absorbing Man"

In which Loki give Crusher Creel super-powers and sends him to fight Thor, and it doesn't end well.  Odin doesn't really do a good job of putting Loki under house arrest.

Odin Corleone: “I have a sentimental weakness for my children and I spoil them, as you can see. They talk when they should listen.”

"Never tell anyone outside the Aesir what you're thinking."

 Loki gets away with a lot more than Thor. Would Odin have been mad if Loki had been the one dating Jane Foster?
Jeff of Earth-J said:

Odin Corleone: “I have a sentimental weakness for my children and I spoil them, as you can see. They talk when they should listen.”

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Odin Corleone: “I have a sentimental weakness for my children and I spoil them, as you can see. They talk when they should listen.”

Following that cause-and-effect, Loki should have been ventilated at a toll booth.

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