I think a lot of us have taken for granted that everyone knows who we are and what we do. After all most of the serving moderators right now have been doing the moderating for as short as 4 years, but in most cases 7 plus years. 

First things first, this board is Cap’s board, he sets the rules and in most cases, when he is around to share his opinion makes the call on things. He is the one that welcomed Mr. Silver Age and his band here, and he is the one who pays the bill to the Ning (and in the past various hosting companies).

Our moderating crew is much more a skeleton crew nowadays, compared to our peak on the previous board.  Our admin powers on this board are not what they used to be. The ning limits our ability to move threads around willy nilly, or edit posts the way we used to. Life has also changed for many of us, and for one reason or another we aren't all around as much as in the past.  

Active Moderators include:

Doc Beechler, Alan M., PowerBook Pete, Cavaliere and me, Anacoqui .

 Chris Fluit, Rich Lane, Mike Williams, BatMatt Beyond and Sly Simpson are among our semi-retired moderators. (That is they retain moderating privileges but are not actively participating in that capacity with much regularity).


What we do, is loosely keep an eye on threads, especially active ones to make sure everything is moving along okay.  If something were to happen we discuss amongst ourselves, before sending an email or a note, and that failing make a comment on the thread.  


But honestly, with the traffic as low as it has been here on the ning, there hasn't been much of any activity for us. Most of you play nicely, and you police yourselves.   The most exciting it gets is when some spammer gets thru and we have to ban them. The moderator forum has been quiet for months.


So if by chance we miss something that needs moderating  feel free to lets us know. Friend one of us, and nearly certain we will friend you, and let us know if there is an issue

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  • Is this still the current list of Moderators?

  • Mike Williams: "I've been dealing for a couple of months with having to re-apply for a job at work ..."


    So they're doing that to workers in the U.K. too, huh? I've been there, man.

  • Thanks for posting that list, Ana. Thanks to you and the other mods for what you do for this board and all the previous boards.
  • 95% of my collection is in a climate controlled storage space. I'm hoping to weed out a lot of it once (if) I move into a bigger space.
  • I have 3 comics left in my collection, Avengers (1963) #1,2, and 3. My daughter has all my old Beanworld issues (but I've been considering taking them back since she got the hardcovers) and all the rest of my old collection are in the store, or long-since sold from the store.

    I still have my dad's old Classics Illustrated, but I have yet to think of them as "mine" really.


    "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

    Check out the Secret Headquarters (my store) website! Comics and Games for Everyone!

    I used to listen to WOXY.com; It was the future of rock-n-roll! RIP WOXY

  • I've weeded out tons of forgettable stuff from the late '70s to the late '90s (when I stopped buying pamphlets on a regular basis). Like Steve Buscemi in "Ghost World," I'm down to "just the essentials."


    I also have to reserve space for DVDs and those books without pictures.

  • And yet -- who will be Mod-O.K.?
  • Thanks, Ana, for the list of mods and explanation of what y'all do. When you're not busy collecting all the Infinity Gems, that is.


    And thanks to you all for making this place so fine to hang out in.

  • My storage space for comics hasn't totally maxed out yet ... If it got to that point, I'd actually start getting rid of those forgettable comics from the '80s and '90s that I don't remember reading ...
  • ...and if I were a mod, I'd have to be Doctor Mod.  "Doctor" has been my on-air nickname for over two decades, so, ya know, consistency. ;)
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