Next Wednesday ABC will present two classic episodes of "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" on live television. The casts will be new, but not a word of the scripts will be changed in order to show how these same topics are still relevant decades later.


I'm really looking forward to this.

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Wow, thanks for letting us know! I'm definitely going to watch that.

Just set my DVR

I've expressed my dislike of All in the Family before, but I will probably watch this in spite of myself ... eventually. (I know I won't be home that night.) After all, I did say I liked The Jeffersons, and the sheer star power brought to bear on this exercise is compelling. 

Well, that was delightful. I really enjoyed it.

It did not watch All in the Family from the very beginning, although I had been watching long enough to consider Frank and Irene Lorenzo “new characters” when they were introduced. I watched The Jeffersons from the very first episode, and I eventually caught the early episodes of All in the Family in syndication. I watched All in the Family to the bitter end, right through Archie Bunker’s Place. I didn’t watch Maude from the beginning, either, nor Good Times. (To this day I have never seen an episode of Maude in which Florida Evans is the maid.) Once I started watching them, though, I continued to the respective ends.

Last week, when Tracy was out of town, she caught part of a M*A*S*H marathon on Sundance and discovered there would be an All in the Family one, too. We’ve recorded several of those. I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of any Norman Lear show since Archie Bunker’s Place went off the air in 1983.

We've watched some of the revived One Day at a Time on Netflix. Lear has a hand in that, and we really enjoyed what we've seen.

So far I've seen the remade All in the Family episode, which I enjoyed, and Jennifer Hudson singing the Jeffersons theme, which is just the explosion of pure joy. Even if you don't watch any of the rest of this, try to catch that; I'm sure it's on YouTube. 

One thing I was a little disappointed with was how safe they played it -- at least the All in the Family half, and I assume the same is true of The Jeffersons. I would have liked to see those actors play the characters themselves, rather than imitating the performers who made those roles famous. It might not have worked, but it would have been amazing to see them try to find their own truths in those scripts, and see what Harrelson, Tomei, Sykes and Foxx could really bring to the table, without stepping so fully into the shoes of their predecessors.

That thought occurred to me, too, and before I saw it, I wondered which way they were going to play it. I'm happy with the way it turned out, though. the reconstructin of the sets alone was amazing.

...I did not see this when I come bed last night - but no one could have answered my comment in the established liveTV line?

There wasn't a question there to answer. 

...If could have been said that it had been brought up already (at that time far further below).

It wasn't that far down on my feed. I figured you'd seen this thread, and decided to post something in the other thread anyway. And since I hadn't seen the show yet, I had nothing to say about it that I hadn't already said here. If I'd posted "we've already got a thread about this," that would have pushed the other thread even further to the top -- with no real point, as I assumed you'd gone offline by the time I saw it. Having nothing else to say, I decided to let it lie until I could talk about the show itself, on this thread, and hope you'd see that. 

And you're here now, so all is well. Did you see the show?

The casting was great. We especially enjoyed seeing Marla Gibbs playing her own character, Florence. I don't know how it would have worked if they reinterpreted the characters. Faithfully following the original scripts really doesn't allow much wiggle room. The All in the Family episode chosen wasn't one of the strongest. It seems to have been chosen because it introduced the previously unseen George Jefferson. Sherman Hemsley was better able to sell George's often jumpy movements. I thought Jamie Foxx either overdid the movements or it looked different because he is physically larger. The actress who portrayed George's mother was spot on, and her turn-on-a-dime reaction to the Jeffersons hiring a maid was perfect. The use of the N-word by George was, or course, bleeped, which it wasn't in the original episode. The first time I ever heard it on TV it was said by Redd Foxx on an episode of Sanford and Son. I don't think I ever heard a white character use the word, certainly not Archie Bunker, although he used other disparaging words. As always, Archie is portrayed as being on the wrong side.

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