Steve Dillon, RIP

Horrible news: Preacher, Punisher, and Judge Dredd* artist Steve Dillon has died. I always loved his art -- he had a way of drawing the reader right into the scene and keeping emotions at the forefront. I'm so sorry to hear that he's passed.

*among many other things, of course.

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  • Oh, no! He was actively drawing Punisher again for Marvel, too!
  • Really shocked by this news. At least he got to see Preacher as a TV show, after being in development forever.

  • Man, this one sucks. He  had one of the most expressive styles of all time. I always felt he was a bit underrated. A great for sure.

  • Sad news he was far too young.

    He actually used to drink in my local pub,where he was known as new bloke.

    The bizarre thing is even though I am a fan I've probably stood next to him at the bar a 100 times and never realised who it was,in fact only just found out.

  • Only 54, far too young.  Very talented and underrated.  I loved the facial expressions he gave the characters he drew.

  • I often bought comics simply because he was the artist.  He was great with dark humor, like Punisher MAX; but, could do any genre considering all of his British comics work and that for DC and Marvel.

    Such a loss at such at early age.

  • 54 years old. Such a waste. So sad.

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