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If you're stuck in 1997 like me, the new Third Eye Blind cd came out today. It's available for download on Amazon.com for $3.99.

If you're a fan of the band, this is not a bad album. It's more than worth $3.99.

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The only 2 albums we share would be In Reverse, which was the Matthew Sweet CD I actually owned. I remember picking it up from a used CD store. The oft lamented (by me) CD Warehouse.

Also, It Won't Be Soon Before Long by Maroon 5. Man, those guys just don't leave much of an impression on me. I look at the track listing and they don't look familiar, maybe if I played it it would click with me.

My "J" albums:

Jazz 'Round Midnight, Sarah Vaughan

Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits

John Henry, They Might Be Giants

The John Lennon Collection

Join Us, They Might Be Giants

The Joshua Tree, U2

Joyful Rebellion, k-os

Jump Back: The Best of the Rolling Stones

Jumpin' at the Woodside, Count Basie

Jurassic Park, John Williams

Justified, Justin Timberlake

Favorite Memories: As always, there are a lot of good choices.  The Joshua Tree was one of my first albums when I first got into music in middle school.  And Joyful Rebellion was part of a reawakening to music after moving to Canada.  But the clear winners have to be two albums from the same band: John Henry and Join Us by They Might Be Giants.  In each case, the memory is connected to a concert.  I saw TMBG live in Ann Arbor while they were still working on a new album, which had been delayed once already and would be delayed again.  So I heard songs like Snail Shell and Sleeping in the Flowers live and in concert months before they appeared on an album.  It's one of my favorite concerts for any band.  I saw TMBG most recently in 2011 when Anacoqui and I went to our first concert together in at least five years.  We had a great time.  And although the new songs couldn't match the old favorites- mostly because we didn't know them yet and couldn't sing along- I was inspired to go out and get the new album.  It stayed in heavy rotation all last year and accompanied me on several long car trips. 

Most Embarrassing: This is too short a list to offer up a good "guilty pleasure."  The closest is probably Justin Timberlake's Justified.  I really like a lot of the songs.  But not all of them.  This is one of the first albums that I downsized to an EP.   After listening to it, I burned a shorter version with the 6 or 7 songs I liked.  So while I'm not embarrassed to own this album, I'm not enamored enough to have all of it. 

Most Recent: Join Us by They Might Be Giants.  See above. 

The only I have ever owned in any form was Joshua Tree, and that was on cassette back in the '80s. I got it as a birthday present, but I've never been a fan of U2. Like most groups though, they do have a few songs I really like.

I bought the new Killers album this week. I like it but it's not my favorite album of theirs. To me it leans more towards lead singer Brandon Flowers solo album from last year rather than a Killers album. However iif you're a fan of the band it's still a must get.

I agree.  I enjoyed it quite a bit on my first listen although it didn't grab me as immediately as some of their earlier albums.  However, I felt the same way about Flowers' solo album and that grew on me a lot over time. 

Been a while since I did one of these...

My "K" albums

Kerosene Hat, Cracker

Kick, INXS

Kill to Get Crimson, Mark Knopfler

The King is Dead, The Decemberists

King of Hearts, Roy Orbison

Kiss, Carly Rae Jepsen

That's it. 

Favorite Memories: Kick was one of my first big favorites but I don't have any specific memories tied to it.  Kerosene Hat was a big college album for me and I have fond memories of both the concert and the T-shirt .  That would have been an easy number one if I had written this entry last spring.  But since then, I've watched my girls fall in love with Carly Rae Jepsen and her song Call Me Maybe.  We've played it in the car, kicking off long drives with a family sing-a-long.  They've danced to it at a ballgame, deriving untold pleasure from seeing themselves on the big screen.  And we've danced to it in our living room again and again and again.  I will always look back look back on this summer fondly, remembering what it was like to watch my daughters fall head over heels for a song for the first time.  So the surprise winner is Carly Rae Jepsen's Kiss. 

Most Embarrassing: Probably Kiss again.  Not because I'm embarrassed to own it.  I don't subscribe much to the theory of guilty pleasures.  But only because it's the one my friends would most likely tease me over. 

Most Recent: This one's easy: The King is Dead by the Decemberists.  I picked it up as part of a library splurge this fall.  I haven't even listened to the whole album yet, though I like what I've heard so far. 

The only one on there I have is "Kick" which I consider one of the best albums of the '80s. Not a bad song on there as far as I am concerned.

While enjoying lots of different music, jazz, a bit of classical, pop, blues, there some things that are on my stereo regularly. Recently, lots of plays of Ogdens - The Small Faces.  Different jumping up and down tracks from The Pretty Things.  Pre-acid Miles Davis and some Benny Goodman to accompany dinner. But when the neighbours are out and my wife is away visiting it's time for The Pirates (Mick Green, one of Britain's greatest guitarists - R.I.P.) Three of them sound like an avalanche - they start and don't stop till they get to the end.  Here they are live - what a racket:-


Also, one of my all time favourite you tube films, Dr. Feelgood.  Wilko is amazing, as usual.  How can you keep still with this noise?


Al Stewart-- Year of the Cat and other greatest hits (and import album on CD)

My "L" albums

The Lady Killer, Cee Lo Green

Laid, James

The Last DJ, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Last of the Independents, The Pretenders

Last Splash, The Breeders

The Last Waltz, The Band {Box Set}

Laundry Service, Shakira

Lay It Down, Cowboy Junkies

Led Zeppelin {Box Set}

Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin IV {Runes}

Left of the Middle, Natalie Imbruglia

Lenny, Lenny Kravitz

Leonard Cohen Live In Concert

Les Miserables

Let Go, Avril Lavigne

Let It Be, The Beatles

Let It Bleed, The Rolling Stones

Let It Die, Feist

Let It Roll: The Best of George Harrison

Let Me Up (I've Had Enough), Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Licensed to Ill, Beastie Boys

Lie to Me, Jonny Lang

Life for Rent, Dido

Lioness: Hidden Treasures, Amy Winehouse

A Little Night Music, Stephen Sondheim

Little Shop of Horrors, Original Soundtrack

Live 1975-85, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band {Box Set}

The Live Anthology, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers {Box Set}

Live at the Isle of Wight, Leonard Cohen

Live Baby Live, INXS

Live from Central Park, Sheryl Crow

Live in Dublin, Bruce Springsteen

Live in London, Leonard Cohen

Live in New York City, Bruce Springsteen

Live Songs, Leonard Cohen

Living Things, Matthew Sweet

Local Hero, Mark Knopfler (soundtrack)

Long After Dark, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

The Long Black Veil, The Chieftains

The Long Surrender, Over the Rhine

Long Time Coming, Jonny Lang

Loose, Nelly Furtado

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Howard Shore (soundtrack)

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Howard Shore (soundtrack)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Howard Shore (soundtrack)

The Lost Boys (soundtrack)

Love and Theft, Bob Dylan

Love Over Gold, Dire straits

Love You Live, Rolling Stones (on record!)

Lucky Town, Bruce Springsteen

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