• It's funny how many What Ifs have now actually "happened" in the 616 universe...


  • I've read the first two issues of The Bat-Man: First Knight by Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins, and it's terrific. Perkins makes the most of the larger Black Label Prestige Plus format, and he and Jurgens lay out a twisted mystery starring Batman as he first appeared in Dectective Comics #27. It  feels more like a pre-Code Hollywood detective movie than a standard Batman comic; its closest comics cousin would be Sandman Mystery Theatre. There's no supervillains, and no Robin, of course. But also, there's no Alfred -- just Bruce Wayne all alone in that mansion. And as of the second issue, the comic does something I never thought possible -- it made me want to see more of Julie Madison! 

    • The third issue ships tomorrow (FYI).

    • Looking forward to it!

    • My LCS still owes me the first issue....


    • I'm intrigued enough to look out for the TPB.

    • And as of the second issue, the comic does something I never thought possible -- it made me want to see more of Julie Madison! 

      You ain't  kidding! That opening scene in #3 between Bruce and Julie is perhaps the best scene between Bruce Wayne and a woman... any woman... I have ever read.

  • My brother and I used to joke that every issue of What if? Ended with the universe exploding.

  • HAWKWORLD ANNUAL #1 (D'90): Out six months after the ongoing Hawkworld series started, this annual tried to answer all the questions created by having Katar Hol and Shayera Thal show up on Earth as Hawkman and 1990! Guest-starring Wally (The Flash III) West, the Thanagarian duo learn about the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl of Earth who had disappeared into Limbo. Not only had Carter Hall help found the Justice Society but he also joined the later Justice League, presumably filling the role of the Silver Age Hawkman as best he could. 

    They must also save Joan Garrick from a demonic Fiddler who forces Wally to send them to the past so he can kill Jay (The Flash I) Garrick there! The current Hawks meet Perry Carter, a friend of the Golden Age Hawks who 1) is a Thanagarian, 2) is Katar's father and 3) is responsible for the Hawks' Nth metal wings! They ambush Carter and Shiera, take their places (wearing the Silver Age versions of their uniforms for some reason) and stop the Fiddler, returning to their own time.

    While getting info about the original Hawks, they go to Joan Garrick. I get that Hector Hall was dead at the time but Northwind was around or Power Girl or Black Canary, etc!

    • Glad I could turn you guys onto Deep Cuts! I think you'll like it.

      I bought it yesterday, but I'm currently reading the bio of Harvey Milk and re-reading Watchmen in advance of running a presentation on it next Saturday, and I have a lot to do before I retire next month, so I'll have to wait a little longer on my trade-wait.

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