Alan Scott? Hal Jordan? John Stewart? Guy Gardner? Kyle Rayner? Killowog? Ch'p? Salakk? Katma Tui? Tomar-Re? Other? Any love for Charlie Vicker? (I could do this all day y'know).

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As I said elsewhere, Guy Gardner.
I always thought Hal would be my GL -- he's certainly the one I've read the most stories about. But for some reason, I never see a whole lot of dramatic potential in him, personally. To me, *he's* the one who should be labeled with the "dull as dishwater" label, not Barry.

I like John Stewart quite a bit, whether portrayed as a tactical ex-military man or an architect who's overcome his brash youth and his later self-doubt.

But even though I've read very few solo stories about Kyle Rayner, I have a hunch he's my GL. Mostly because of how I bristle when anyone calls him a "slacker."
I'm a big John Stewart fan too, actually. Gotta love the architect.
There is only one Green Lantern...then there are all the others who pay homage to him.

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