Introduction to the Baron's Timelines

I've always been a fan of reading timelines for fictional characters, and also creating them myself. I've posted a few of them here which I hope you will find as interesting as I do. Here's a few of them below:


The Earth-44 Timeline:  This is my "magnum opus".  It started out as an attempt to reconcile the various Superman continuities. Once I'd done that, I folded in Batman, and it just sort of grew from there, as I folded in every continuity I could reasonably fit in (and several that I couldn't) into one grand timeline of almost everything! I'm constantly in the process of updating and editing it, so that it's constantly growing and changing!


"My" Doctor Who Timeline:  This is my attempt to establish a coherent timeline for the favorite TV show - at least as "coherent" as can be for a show of which one-time script editor Terrance Dicks once said "Continuity was what the writer could remember at a given time." This is not to be confused with the List of Doctor Who Threads, which contains discussions relating to the TV show.


My Fifty Favorite Movies Timeline: Having compiled a list of my fifty favorite movies, I decided to try to create a timeline just for the continuities of these pictures. Not an easy thing - it's hard to reconcile the "futures" of Star Trek and Planet of the Apes.


Universal Horror Movie Timeline:  This is my attempt to reconcile the continuity of the Universal horror movies.


A Short Timeline of the Beechlerverse:  This was part of a challenge I gave myself to do a timeline of continuities that I am unfamiliar.  I picked on my good friend Doctor Beechler, since he likes alot of things that I'm not particularly into.


A "Japanese Timeline":  This is my attempt at creating a coherent timeline for all of the bits of Japanese popular culture with which I am familiar.


A Super-Hero Timeline: A timeline including as many super-heroes as I could fit into it.


Anyway, those are my timelines to date. I'm always working on existing timelines and adding more, so stop by, take a look, and come up with some timelines of your own!

Also, I've decided to list some of my threads that aren't about timelines:


Watching the Godzilla Movies, Part One: The Showa Era Films

Watching the Godzilla Movies, Part Two: The Heisei Era Films and the Emmerich Film

Watching the Godzilla Movies, Part Three: The Millennium Films and Beyond

Crisis On Infinite Monster Islands, or, An Attempt At Classifying the Various Godzilla Timelines


Other Film-Related Threads

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TV-Related Threads

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  • Currently I'm working on annotating the Earth-44 timeline. I'm up to about 1940 - there's lots of obscure Golden Age heroes to research!

  • More updates to Earth-44, this time for AD 453, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

  • Hello, all! Work's been hectic lately, so I haven't gotten as much posted here as I would've liked to.  I have been working on the annotation for the Earth-44 timeline - I'm up to 1942.  I've also got some other ideas that I hope to be able to put together here soon!

  • I'll have to go back and check how you did reconcile PotA and ST. Its been awhile since I read it.

    So why is it called the Earth 44 timeline?
  • "44" was the number of the house I grew up in.

  • Updated the notes for Earth-44 through 1947. It's interesting to see how precipitately the number of new super-heroes per year seems to have dropped off from about 1943 on.

  • Updated the notes for Earth-44 through 1960.  The 1960's are going to take awile.

  • Updated this with links for several of my movie and TV threads. Please let me know if you find any I missed.

  • I miss The Baron Watches My Little Pony, but apparently I'm the only one who still remembers that timeline.

  • Doctor Hmmm? said:

    I miss The Baron Watches My Little Pony, but apparently I'm the only one who still remembers that timeline.

    I've watched alot of stuff not aimed at my age group, but I've never seen that one.

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