Hey everyone,

It's time to acknowledge reality and allow the Cappies to go the way of All-Flash.  I was ready to give them up after last year but decided to give it one more go because I had items I wanted to nominate (such as Fiona Staples for best artist!).  However, with our minimal participation, it's not really worth continuing.  We had 2-3 nominees for some categories and, once the polls were in place, we had winners who garnered only 2-3 votes.  So it's time to call it a day.  

Thanks for playing for the past decade!  I think we've honored some wonderful work in that time. 

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Shame to see them end, but it does seem to be time. Thanks for all your hard work, Chris. Out of curiosity, what were the average numbers during the peak years?

I second what Mark said.  Thank you, Chris.

No kidding, much appreciation for the work over the years. If it's time to pull the plug, then so be it. It was fun while it lasted!

Thanks, guys.

Mark, to answer your question.  Most years, we would get 12-15 voters.  We topped out over 20, meaning that it occasionally took 10 or so votes to win an award. 

I appreciate that the Cappies existed and thank all people who had a hand in running it and participating. Regrettably, I felt I did not read a wide enough array of comics to legitimately vote on any category, so I never did.

I'm sorry to see the Cappies go, but I agree that it's probably time. We just don't have the participation anymore, unfortunately. Thanks for running them for so long, Chris. 

Thanks for all the work you did Chris. Seeing this come to an end makes me nostalgic for the days when the participation was at its highest.

Is there a thread which compiles past Cappies results?

Doggone it.

I'm sorry to say that I haven't been too active online recently. I've just been on the computer for leisure a lot less than I have been before.

Thanks for the effort you put in ovder the years, Chris. I particularly liked the was you summarized the voting when you announce the results.

Yup: The History of the Cappies: The Archive of Past Champions.  I haven't updated it for 2015 yet.

Detective 445 said:

Is there a thread which compiles past Cappies results?

Thanks for all of the compliments, everyone.  I enjoyed doing it for many years. 

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