This thread is a companion to the "A Cover A Day" discussion.  Click here to visit that discussion.  It is intended for the discussion of potential new themes and topics for "A Cover A Day", voting on these themes, and the gathering and reporting of statistics.

The following index lists all the themes that have been chosen to date.  The clickable link takes you to the first reply of the given theme, so that you can browse through the posted covers for that month.  "Page/Reply" gives the page number in the thread where the topic starts, and reply number (1 to 10) within the page.  The index also gives the total number of "Pages" and "Replies" occupied by each theme, as a rough indication of their relative popularity.

Ning 3.0 website update

As a result of the move to the new version of the website:

  • It seems to be impossible to create a fixed link that always takes you to the last reply of a thread
  • Links to a specific reply generated on the old version of the website are no longer valid
  • There are now 10 replies to a page, rather than 12.

Since the old links that used to take you to the first post of a theme no longer work, they have been removed, and replaced with new links that take you to a newly-added reply at the start of the month in question.  The "Page/Reply" and "Pages" columns have been updated because of the change from 12 to 10 replies per page.  The numbers in the "Replies" column was still accurate, apart from needing to be updated to include the newly-added "start-of-month" replies.

The "Page/Reply" column gives an alternative way to locate the beginning of any theme, by going to the appropriate page, then counting through the replies.  This is, however, a significantly more inconvenient process than using the clickable link.

DatePage/ReplyTheme (and clickable link)PagesReplies
Oct 20161/1Letter A23228
Dec 201623/9Letter B21208
Jan 201744/7Letter C22215
Feb 201766/2Letter D21209
Mar 201787/1Letter E18179
Apr 2017104/10Letter F19185
May 2017123/5Letter G16158
Jun 2017139/3Letter H20196
Jul 2017158/9Letter I13134
Aug 2017172/3Letter J20195
Sep 2017191/8Letter K24238
Oct 2017215/6Letter L29286
Nov 2017244/2Letter M28281
Dec 2017272/3Letter N24237
Jan 2018295/10Letter O25246
Feb 2018321/1Letter P30296
Mar 2018350/7Letters Q & R24244
Apr 2018375/1Letter S27271
May 2018402/2Superman’s 80th anniversary25251
Jun 2018427/3Letter T25251
Jul 2018452/4Letter U21208
Aug 2018473/2Letter V23229
Sep 2018496/1Letter W23234
Oct 2018519/5Letter X18181
Nov 2018537/6Letter Y16157
Dec 2018553/3Letter Z16157
Jan 2019568/10Person being carried19191
Feb 2019588/1Real people21214
Mar 2019609/5Homages/parodies23225
Apr 2019631/10Green-skinned people21208
May 2019652/8Wanted posters20202
Jun 2019672/10Boxing rings18181
Jul 2019691/1Empty uniforms18179
Aug 2019708/9Beaches30298
Sep 2019738/7Apes34341
Oct 2019772/8Haunted houses/graves25251
Nov 2019797/9Motor bikes26255
Dec 2019823/4Foreign language covers21210
Jan 2020844/4Playing cards/tabletop games28276
Feb 2020871/10Valentines and Cupids26260
Mar 2020897/10Statues26257
Apr 2020923/7Elephants26264
May 2020950/1Heroes & villains cooperating20199
Jun 2020969/10The Moon32323
Jul 20201002/3Flags & patriotic symbols22216
Aug 20201023/9Foreign locations (non-US)23234
Sep 20201047/3MST3K (with commentary)29293
Oct 20201076/6Vampires and Werewolves25246
Nov 20201101/2Giants29287
Dec 20201129/9Snow & winter scenes29290
Jan 20211158/9Doppelgängers38378
Feb 20211196/7Movies28276
Mar 20211224/3Cats/cat-themed adventurers26264
Apr 20211250/7Dogs/dog-themed adventurers31306
May 20211281/3Big guns/Heavy weaponry30303
Jun 20211311/6Dinosaurs/Time Travel34339
Jul 20211345/5Big Questions/Question Marks33331
Aug 20211378/6Highways, Travel etc23233
Sep 20211401/9Favourite Covers/Comics33331
Oct 20211434/10Lineups26263
Nov 20211461/3JSA 80th Anniversary27270
Dec 20211488/3Logos in the action32317
Jan 20221519/10Dynamic Duos35348
Feb 20221554/8Romantic Scenes31314
Mar 20221586/2Bridges34340
Apr 20221620/2Unexpected Green29287
May 20221648/9Neal Adams31311
Jun 20221679/10George Perez23228
Jul 20221702/8Parents36357
Aug 20221738/5Fairgrounds and Carnivals29286
Sep 20221767/1Joe Kubert24239
Oct 20221790/10First and last issues32324
Nov 20221823/4Classrooms and Education27266
Dec 20221849/7Robots and Cyborgs39393
Jan 20231889/3Trials and Courtrooms33331
Feb 20231922/4Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals29293
Mar 20231951/7Detectives & Murder Mysteries41412
Apr 20231992/9Birds and Winged Creatures42420
May 20232034/9Strength in Numbers57571
Jun 20232091/10Horses, Centaurs & Equines38382
Jul 20232130/2John Romita, Sr.30301
Aug 20232160/3Railways30303
Sep 20232190/6Title Character Not Featured30301
Oct 20232220/7Halloween Characters31306
Nov 20232251/3Pyramids and Mummies30304
Dec 20232281/7Santa Claus27274
Jan 20242309/1No. 1/States of the Union31309
Feb 20242339/10No. 2/Leaps and Jumps28278
Mar 20242367/8No. 3/Anniversaries32318
Apr 20242399/6No. 4/Versus Mother Nature24241
May 20242423/7No. 5/José Luis García-López--
Jun 2024-No. 6/Stars--
Jul 2024-No. 7/In the Water--

Themes with the greatest number of replies:

  • 571 replies - May 2023 - Strength in Numbers
  • 420 replies - Apr 2023 - Birds and Winged Creatures
  • 412 replies - Mar 2023 - Detectives & Murder Mysteries
  • 393 replies - Dec 2022 - Robots and Cyborgs
  • 382 replies - Jun 2023 - Horses, Centaurs & Equines
  • 378 replies - Jan 2021 - Doppelgängers

Suggestions for possible future themes

  • Chess & Chess Pieces.  "Pieces" could include Oliver Queen, the Dark Knight, X-Men's Bishop etc.
  • Mention of super power.  "My spider-sense", "My super speed", "My power ring", "My split power", "My Shazam powers", etc.
  • Floating heads.
  • Jails, Prisons and Cages.
  • Shrunken/tiny covers.  Not the Atom, Ant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket etc.
  • Non-Humanoid Monsters/Aliens.
  • Sports & Games.
  • Deaths & Resurrections.
  • Short-lived Series.  Series of 12 or fewer issues, no Specials or Annuals.
  • Character anniversary celebration.  Like "Superman's 80th Anniversary" from May 2018.  We should pick which character (or characters) to honour BEFORE voting starts.
  • Artist Homage.  We've already done Neal Adams, George Perez, Joe Kubert, John Romita Sr & José Luis García-López.  As with the "Character Anniversary", we should pick who to honour BEFORE voting.
  • Gimmick Covers.
  • Painted Covers.
  • Cancelled... But Continued.  Series cancelled midstream but continued elsewhere.
  • TV Shows/Movies.
  • Cartoons/Animated Series.
  • Family Reunions.
  • Construction Sites.
  • Pride covers (intended or accidental).  Possibly for next June?
  • Ancient Weapons In Modern Times.  Swords, maces, spears, bows, shields, boomerangs etc.  Not characters who regularly use these weapons, like Green Arrow or Hawkeye (bows), Captain America (shields) etc.
  • Supporting Characters As Focal Point.
  • Guest-starring Superman or Spider-Man.  Them guest-starring on the cover of someone else's book.
  • Crosstime meetings.  Batman & the Three Musketeers, Dr Strange & Ben Franklin etc.
  • Sleeping/unconscious characters.
  • Super-heroes vs super-heroes.
  • Snowmen and Snow-people. *
  • Renewals.  Titles starting in new directions because of new creative teams or major story changings without the benefit of a new issue 1.
  • Christmas presents/Giant boxes. *
  • Winter sports. *
  • Nazis and/or Commies.
  • Covers without supervillains.  On a superhero comic, not horror, western, romance etc.  (Also non-superhero comics with supervillains, though that would be much harder!)

Suggestions marked * were originally put forward as being particularly suitable for December/Christmas, but they could still be considered for other months.

Voting is normally using up to three ranked votes, with three points for your first choice, 2 for second place, 1 for third.

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  • I personally vote for Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, followed by Short Lived Series. By the way, I'm assuming June will be the dual themes of 6 and Pride Month?

    • And I'm assuming we'll vote, as usual.

  • My votes:

    “Artist Homage" (José Luis García López) – 3 points
    "Superhero comics without supervillains" (also "Non-superhero comics with supervillains") – 2 points
    "Sports and Games” – 1 point

  • I somehow failed to notice how close June is getting, or I'd probably have suggested including "Pride covers" on the ballot.  Oh well, I'll add it as a write-in on my vote, which is:

    1. Stars (3 pts)
    2. In the Water (2 pts)
    3. Pride (1 pt)

    We've had votes from Jeff, Eric, Lee, Richard and me.  Regulars who have not yet voted include Steve, Philip, Dave, JD, The Baron: get your ballot papers in if you want to take part!

    Also, Clark nominated García-López for the artist homage, and voted in the artist ballot.  If you'd like to contribute to this stage of the decision-making too, please do so!

    • Steve, Philip, Dave, JD, The Baron, Clark

      Last call for votes!  I'll total the ballots and declare the result in the next day or two.

  • Quite busy on this end.  Whatever folks decide will be fine.  And fun.

  • My votes are:

    1. "Artist Homage" (José Luis García López)
    2. ""In the Water"/"Enchantment Under the Sea" (fish, sea creatures, ships, scuba diving, etc.)
    3. "Superhero comics without supervillains" (also "Non-superhero comics with supervillains")
  • Time to declare a result.  By my calculations, the totals are:

    11 points - José Luis García-López (artist homage) - 3 pts each from Richard, Lee & Clark, 2 from Eric;
    7 points - Stars - 3 pts each from Eric & Peter, 1 from Richard
    7 points - In the Water - 3 pts from Jeff, 2 each from Peter & Clark
    6 points - Superhero comics without supervillains (etc) - 2 pts each from Richard & Jeff, 1 each from Clark and Eric

    All other suggestions got 2 points or fewer.

    So, it looks like May's dual themes will be "Number 5" and "José Luis García-López".  I trust that's okay with everyone.  Can we also agree that the two themes tied for second place will be used in June and July?  That would save us from having to vote again in a mere two or three weeks' time!

    As I said a few days ago, I'd probably have nominated "Pride" for inclusion in the ballot if I'd remembered how close June was getting.  I regret the oversight, but perhaps we'll get it on the ballot for June next year.  Alternatively, we could run the theme in some other month - after all, June isn't Pride Month everywhere in the world.  For example, in the UK, Brighton Pride is my local celebration, and takes takes place in August

    • Oops!  When I said

      7 points - Stars - 3 pts each from Eric & Peter, 1 from Richard

      I meant to say

      7 points - Stars - 3 pts each from Eric & Peter, 1 from Jeff

      Fortunately, I think the total's right, even though I misattributed the votes.  Sorry!

    • June and July sound set to me! Good call there.

This reply was deleted.